[Ship(?)] [MOD] Hull Swap vAE.1

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[Ship(?)] [MOD] Hull Swap vAE.1

Postby RAD-82 » Thu May 14, 2015 10:38 pm

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Install with Slipstream Mod Manager

MediaFire Download Link HullSwap1-AE.1
MediaFire Download Link HullSwap2-AE.1

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Initial Release of AE.1:
-Requires two versions, due to shield requirements
-Gutted and ready to be replaced

Start out by selecting a ship hull. This will determine your room layout, weapon and drone slots, artillery capability (Federation cruisers, CE, ship mods), and ship health (ship mods). Once you start the game, you will go through a list of the vanilla ships. Selecting one will give you all of the starting conditions of that ship. Here are some examples: Image Image Image

Artillery weapons are unique to the selected hull and can't be transferred between hulls, but something has been done, so you don't have to leave empty handed if you don't want to. If you end up with artillery on your ship, you may need the Artillery Crash Fix mod should you save your game. The crash fix mod goes after the Hull Swap mod.

There are two versions. Version 1 sets the shields to Level 2, which is required for the stealth ships that want to buy shields. This prevents the use of the Noether, which starts with Level 1 shields. Version 2 sets the shields to Level 1, so you can now select the Noether, but this prevents the use of the stealth ships. For any other ship, it doesn't matter which version you use.

To use custom ship hulls, load Hull Swap after any ship mods, so that it will strip the custom ships down.

I may have made some mistakes, so please report them if you think you see one. An example from when I was creating the mod: I forgot to add the teleporter system to the Fed C. Since that is vital to that ship, it was easy for me to catch when testing. There is so much data that I could have made minor mistakes that are easy to overlook.

Minor demonstration by Biohazard063

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