developing a ship mod.

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developing a ship mod.

Postby timstarwars7 » Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:39 pm

so, i've been looking through the forums for a specific ship type, but i couldn't find one. i then thought to myself; "hey, why don't i just make my own mod? i can include everything i want, and even better, i can create a backstory and image for it!" so i started looking through the internet for good ftl ship images, except i was searching "top view of a ship". so all this weird stuff kept popping up. finally, i found a tank. i thought that if i gimpshopped it a bit, took away the treads, added a few things, and took away the massive cannon :shock: then it would look like a spaceworthy(if not, less so) cargo ship. my idea is to have:
2 mantis for boarding
1 rockman for "taking care" of boarders
one engi to keep that hunk of metal that i call a legit cargo spaceship running at it's peak.
sensors(level 2 because of the engi)
doors(level 3 because of extra scrap from early "jobs"
sheilds(level one because the doors and sensors are a bit OP :lol:
oxygen(level 1)
weapons(about enough to power most of the weapons stated later)
(about three spare rooms capable of holding cloaking and other stuff.)
piloting level 1(because the ship is noticeably large)
engines level 2
medbay level 1
about medium hull with about 2 more hp added
unconvenient airlocks. the airlocks are at the very back of the ship, thus if a fire broke out or you were boarded, you would have to vent out HALF OF THE ENTIRE SHIP for it to reach the enemies or fire.
weapons: dual laser, another dual laser, and(drumroll) a ion bomb! it may not seem like much, but the weapons will DEFINENTLY help each other out with timing.
reactor: this particular reactor specializes in keeping the ship running, so you will have about 2 bars for weapons, 2 for sheilds, 2 for engines, one for medbay, one for piloting, one for oxygen, 3 for doors, and 2 for sensors. added together without systems, results in 8 reeactor power bars. it seems like a lot, but divided into the systems, it can look like a little with almost no reactor bars left to use unless you deactivate medbay, which no one uses constantly.

if you think that i missed something or it needs improvement, I AM LISTENING! i would love to hear how you think this ship would turn out, and even better if you would request things! i now leave you with this picture of the hull. it's all i have right now. enjoy! :D (PLANS) -1. put a backstory for the ship in this post. later. 1. find a good editor that my laptop can run. 2. make a custom weapon or perhaps drone. 3. make ship. 4. get someplace where other people can download my ship. 5. post the stats and backstory.

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Re: developing a ship mod.

Postby Ora_unit_SR388 » Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:53 pm

not to bad of a ship......
maybe if it had a gamechanger drone/weapon with it that complemented, it might be good.

the thing that baffles me is...

......THAT WAS A TANK???
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Re: developing a ship mod.

Postby TheNewbie » Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:38 pm

Ora_unit_SR388 wrote:THAT WAS A TANK???
It looks like a Fat Boy experimental tank from Supreme Commander 1. :geek:
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Re: developing a ship mod.

Postby timstarwars7 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 1:37 am

yes, that was a tank. it took me at least an hour to gimpshop it to make it look like a ship. XD. and ii haven't found any editors(that i can run or use) yet, and i've looked at pretty much every one on the forum. if i got a good editor, i would definently make a weapon that benefits the ship.
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Re: developing a ship mod.

Postby shark » Tue Jul 02, 2013 7:39 pm

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Re: developing a ship mod.

Postby timstarwars7 » Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:34 pm

shark wrote:Superluminal.

i would, but my computer has a "problem" running it. :cry: i wish i caould fix that though, because from what i've seen, it's the best one out there. :D

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