Crew members you'll never forget

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Ski Gloves
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Crew members you'll never forget

Postby Ski Gloves » Tue Feb 12, 2013 12:29 am

Our ship was worse for wear, the crew had held strong though, we had made certain in our journey there had been no Red Shirts and the enemy flagship was on its last legs. Our boarding operation had been successful hours earlier, eliminating the crew, we had known the Rebels had automated scouts but... An AI advanced enough to run a ship that large? It just doesn't seem possible. Our beams struck across the ship and it was ready to explode, as is the usual procedure, we were evacuating the boarding party when Johnson went AWOL. We managed to contact him and he told us, he wasn't gonna let this monstrosity survive, even at the cost of his life.

At that moment, there was a power spike and the abomination crumbled before our eyes, in a sea of fire. The shockwave knocked us away churning metal past our hull and without any hesitation we readied a search party. We already knew he was gone, even if he was still "alive", being caught in that explosion... Being reduced to a brain in a jar would be one of the better fates. But, our hearts couldn't accept it, so we scoured the rubble until we had found him.

When we did find what was left of him, he was near... Some kind of super weapon. We could only find one thing that looked even remotely like its ammunition and it had already exploded. I can only imagine what Johnson saw that day and with the Federation base only one jump from our position, I believe I can work out what he was thinking. He might have been the newest member of our crew, but he was just as devoted to our mission as the rest of us and he will not be forgotten. Logan Johnson, you were a brave human, I am honoured to have been your captain.

- Admiral "Ace of all trades" Vivimord.

I pledge to remember that crew members will automatically attack and destroy enemy units in their room, prioritising it above even there own life when the destruction of that system would cause the ship to explode. Or Logan just really wanted to say he got the kill. But enough about my story. What about you?

What crew members will you never forget? What was their story?
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Re: Crew members you'll never forget

Postby Agg Shell » Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:46 am

Stupid slug light cruiser, i think. why did it have to have a medbay lvl 3? i used a pegusus on it but one missile missed. as my mantis were fighting, i was too busy focusing on my guys in the medbay, i thought i could overpower them. i heard a mantis die and i checked the medbay, both were there. i then relised i had two other mantis fighting elsewhere. i checked. only 1 remained. i cursed myself, forgetting he was there. i beat the ship, but my crew was deaply in sorrow of his loss. i never got another boarder to replace him. but we saved the federation! he would of been proud. 2 hull left, too.

Rest In Space, you shall be deaply missed.
Yevon Si, the great mantis boarder. your loss helped save the federation. we are forever in your debt.
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Re: Crew members you'll never forget

Postby theomorphical » Fri Mar 01, 2013 9:30 pm

once, I had a human (I) named CPT.voxel .... he told me he was glad to serve in the federation.... it was him who did the final blow to kill the rebel flagship.... the rest of the crew were dying left and right in the flagship, they were mainly engi and zoltan..... he thought to himself as he ran through the rooms taking quick glances past the rebels who were murdering his crew in cold blood " the rebels are monsters.... they will do anything to win!" then he finally reached his destination.... the only room that still worked...

he used his corrosive blaster laser to knaw a big enough hole for him to place a plasma grenade, 5 seconds later a huge blast echoes through the ship, the doors fling off the hinges and he rushes in. he thinks to himself " the rebels know im the only other non rebel on their ship... they must be coming. I have to hurry" he starts shooting the teleporter enough so that a single grenade would break it and tear through the hull causing the ships pressure based room system to do what a star about to turn into a black hole would do- crumple like a piece of paper would.

he gets the teleporter warming up- check,

he attempts to block the door less entry way- check,

and he says his good byes to his crew who have died in the fight. he primes the plasma bomb and jumps in the teleporter- but it was too late. rebel broke through the barred entry way and shoots him- knocking him out of the required angle to go into the teleporter, BOOM. the ship crumples like paper as the rebel and voxel scream as they get flung into space and die of oxygen starvation... in his last moments he thinks of his family and smiles, a week later his body was found floating through space torn to shreds...

while that was happening there was a single other crew.... a single zoltan waiting for the return of her captain... as she saw the ship torn to pieces she realized that no one who went through the teleporter with him will come back. she womans up and after five days of flying in what she thought circles, managed to get to the federation base and gets a offer in another ship, she refuses.
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Re: Crew members you'll never forget

Postby Graega » Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:00 am

My first unforgettable crewmember is actually right there in my stats: Captain Lagardi, who still holds the record of 117 survived jumps and made that record on the first game I played where I earned No Redshirts. Ironically, while I made it to sector 8 and got the achievement, and even beat the game (It was maybe my 2nd or 3rd victory), half the crew died between the 2nd and 3rd phases. But Captain Lagardi didn't!

My other truly unforgettable crewmember was Maxim the Zoltan, Gunner of the Noether (As a side note, I hate the Noether as a ship). He worked the guns. He worked the shields. He worked the engines. He fixed things, he fought things, he drank and swore like a wounded space pirate. Without actually trying to, I maxed out his combat skill (I got boarded A LOT), his repair skill, his weapon skill and his engine skills, just having to shuffle him around during boarding events, ship damage, etc. I figure, "Why not" and had him pilot and run shields for a bit, and he became my first crew member ever to max out all 6 skills at level 2. He still holds the record.
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Re: Crew members you'll never forget

Postby rienk » Mon Mar 18, 2013 3:46 pm

I remember Oni with 2 hp running to the oxygen room. It was about to run low and my remaining crew was in the helm. Oni made it to the oxygen and repaired it, but just as it was repaired, the room went out of oxygen and took her life.
She died while save my ship + my 2 other crew members. She is and was a hero and she died like one.

I will never forgot. :')
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Re: Crew members you'll never forget

Postby Alsojames » Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:25 pm

I had a Zoltan repairing the O2 after fixing the doors. Oxygen was really low and everybody was taking damage. Everyone ran to the medbay, but the Zoltan stayed to fix the O2. He managed to fix it, but died JUST as he was leaving the room (the medbay was right next door). :(
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Re: Crew members you'll never forget

Postby Metzelmax » Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:12 am

Not one of my own guys, but everyone who has watched Jesse's LP knows who I am talking about.

Here is the Stuff I made:
And stuff is always better than no stuff, right?
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Re: Crew members you'll never forget

Postby WillHop » Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:06 pm

Literally 10 minutes ago, after 41 hours of playing time, I finally beat the Rebel Flagship with the Kestrel type B - aptly named HMS Hood. Another amazing feat is that throughout the entire journey, up until this final battle, my original crew of 4 remained. Winters, the pilot, Mallarky, the engine man, Netose, the shield worker turned boarder and Voxeos, the Zoltan working the weapons. I picked up a few others along the way and they managed to stay alive to this final battle aswell. Now, the first stage was relatively simple as the combination of hull missiles, ion damage and a Pike beam tore him up. It was the second stage that really hit us hard.

Expecting another fairly simple fight, my confidence was high. I adopted the same strategy as I did for the first fight and sent Mallarky and Netose to take out that pesky triple missile launcher, but what I didn't count on was the boarding drone. It smashed into my weapons, and began killing the Zoltan working on them. Immediately, anybody who wasn't the pilot rushed into the room, killed the drone and patched up the gaping hole left by it. Everybody was okay, but it left a dent, and anybody injured would have to put up with it. Mallarky and Netose beamed back and I was getting ready to send them out again after healing, until I heard another smash and the harrowing noise of air escaping.

This second boarding drone really hammered hard. It targeted the engine room, so I had no choice but to send in my two most accomplished fighters, Mallarky and Netose, in to take care of it. The drone was relatively simple to take out, but the hole he left quickly drained the room of oxygen. In an attempt to fix it and get the engines back online, I sent an injured Engi I picked up, and opened all the doors of the ship, to try and get the air flowing into the engine room. This backfired massively though, as the Engi couldn't fix it and powered down. Suddenly, the shield room where Netose was working and Mallarky was sheltering, began to drain of oxygen fast, as did the weapons room.

Before even a minute had passed, Netose, Mallarky and Voxeos were lying dead on the floor of ship, leaving Winters at the helm, by himself. Valiantly, he fought the the third and final stage by himself, and somehow the Rebel Flagship shattered into pieces. Winters, despite all the celebrations, could only think of his original crew.

R.I.P to the bravest goddamn heroes I ever saw.
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Re: Crew members you'll never forget

Postby ImplacableTardigrade » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:31 am

On, perhaps, my 3rd ever voyage in FTL I had engaged a vicious mantis. The enemy had beamed quite a few hostiles onto my ship, and with a skeleton crew I had no hope of fighting them off. With 5 or so hull points remaining and the mantis still roaming unchecked I gave a mental shout of rage and spaced the whole ship, killing everyone.

Whether, as a captain, that was heroic or not is for others to decide. But as his ship and crew died around him Captain Charlie was laughing, laughing to his own end.

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