[Suggestion] FFTA or Tactics Ogre themed squad

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[Suggestion] FFTA or Tactics Ogre themed squad

Postby Koalodon » Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:16 pm

I think it would be interesting to have a squad themed around the MP mechanics of Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced or Tactics Ogre. There could be some resource (MP) used to fuel mech actions. Let's say this MP is each mech's health. A Black Mech (Black Mage) could focus on using MP to do damage. A Time Mech could affect turn order and a White Mech could shield and give health points to other Mechs.

Black Mech:
Weapon 1: Firaga - do damage, fire effect and push in a cross area
Weapon 2: Firaga - do damage, ice effect and pull in a cross area

Time Mech:
Weapon 1: Haste - grant a unit a second turn
Weapon 2: Stop - skip an enemy's turn

White Mech:
Weapon 1: transfer health to a mech
Weapon 2: Shield a tile
- could be upgraded to shield all tiles in a cross area, bestow damage absorption to shielded allies or to bestow health regeneration on shielded allies
Passive: Regenerate Health per turn
Rishi Raj Jain
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Re: [Suggestion] FFTA or Tactics Ogre themed squad

Postby Rishi Raj Jain » Tue Feb 18, 2020 10:57 pm

Nice Idea, tell me if you need some artwork done.

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