How to make a weapon and put it on a custom ship in Superluminal

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Re: How to make a weapon and put it on a custom ship in Superluminal

Postby MagicBadger » Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:42 am

mr_easy_money wrote:
MagicBadger wrote:The projectile of AnAngryMantis's version worked and despite copy/pasting the text from the animations.xml I can't get them to work on my mod ... I cannot fathom why the projectile don't work.

well you can create animations in animations.xml, but it's meaningless if you don't use them in your weapon.

the weaponBlueprint has the correct <weaponArt>, short_circuit, which references the weaponAnim that holds the weapon animation. however, the weaponBlueprint has the same value for the <image>, which is incorrect, as <image> should reference the animation of the projectile. so <image> should take the name of the projectile's anim... looks like it is short_circuit_laser_strip4

Thanks much! I just figured that out last night and got the thing working but the help is still much appreciated. Everyone will be able to seee the fruits of the collective labour soon!

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