Losing the game should happen faster

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Re: Losing the game should happen faster

Postby edgeofblade » Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:59 pm

Think about it this way. If FTL is based on a random Star Trek episode where everything some how goes right, despite a few minor hiccups, there are a million other parallel universes where the scenario was impossible and the bad guys win. FTL is like trying each of those universes randomly and gaining the skills to maximize your chances of winning in those rare times that the odds of winning rise above 0%. That doesn't bother me as long as I'm having fun.

Roguelikes, especially brutal ones like FTL, are not for people who expect to always win for their hard work. To me, it's about crafting a narrative, carved from a ball of digital wax, and win or lose, doing your best. Winning? Eh, I'm hopelessly addicted and I haven't reached the final sector yet. I'm just having fun with this. I'll get around to winning when I'm ready and lucky.

This game has that in common with ambitious, emergent gameplay games like Minecraft. Just playing the game, a dramatic narrative emerges.
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Re: Losing the game should happen faster

Postby Kruztee » Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:19 pm

I'm not passing judgement on the OP, but I will say that for me, playing the game to the point where my hull breaks or my last crewmember is slaughtered is THE number one reason the game is fun. Sure, I know that there's a boss in sector 8, but the crew don't. Just role-play and enjoy, but if that's not your style, open up the airlocks and let them go humanely. :twisted:

In any case, there's no reason not to be playing the game in a way that's enjoyable to you. You have that freedom.
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Re: Losing the game should happen faster

Postby ColdHeart » Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:45 pm

I'd say you don't lose due to a single event. You lose to a string of events which knock you down enough with no string of events which help you back up afterwards. Even if you do the stupid and blow a ship up with your 2 uber-mantis on board, there is still the chance the next two events give you two new Mantis. Sure, they wont have the combat skill you may want, but you can carry on your boarding party madness.

Putting in bosses forces you to gain X amount each stage. I think that arbitary progression would be bad for the game. So one sector was bad for you, but the next sector is amazing and you end up a lot better! No, wait, because one sector was bad you never got the chance to see the second, as the boss fight blew you up...

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