No saves is not fun.

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Re: No saves is not fun.

Postby thenightgaunt » Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:13 am

Leonidas wrote:
cletusvandamme wrote:I'm against saves in the main game.

However, one thing they could do would be a kind of "exploration" mode. Using any of your unlocked ships you can go out and play a game with save functionality. But your score defaults to zero (or is unscored) and you can't unlock new ships or any achievements including ship ones.

That's what I would go with. My only problem with not saving is that I worry that I'm playing too cautiously and missing big parts of the game. After losing two crew members to asteroids and giant spiders, I decided never to take a risk on a non-blue option. So now there are many lines of text in the game that I'll never, ever see. In a saveable game it might be fun to see all the horrible ways in which you could die.

But just to be clear, I'm talking about a saveable game with zero score and no accomplishments.

I'd be cool with a setup like this for saves. Or how about only saves in easy. There is something fun about the adventurous nature of the game the way it is. However, it would be nice to save from time to time (say maybe only when you jump out of a system) or to at least have some more control over the nature of the game, fleet speed for instance.
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Re: No saves is not fun.

Postby hallas » Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:22 am

I've disabled autosave in Civilization V to one slot of actual turn, just to be backed up against system or game crash. I've came to conclusion that loading game because enemy attacked and destroyed my army was something really stupid, because I complained about AI inability to make successful assault. Whole idea of some games is to force player to think how to manage bad situation.

Saving in FTL? It would ruin the experience. In this game the mission is impossible, and so are the odds to get to the final stage. I've started 60 games, got to sector eight maybe four times, beat the game once. I'm ok with that. Maybe some casual difficulty level could resolve game-that-plays-itself generation problem but FTL, in my opinion, does not belong to that generation of games and players.

Getting back to lack of save option - game is hard and fun and replayability is high for that reason. If someone wants easy-auto-casual game experience whit zero thinking about possible bad scenarios, DIablo III (game of comparing item stats) should be good game to play. I have heard, that they lowered difficulty level on nightmare because players was complaining it was to high...

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