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Best possible ship

Postby liwoto » Thu Nov 18, 2021 12:33 pm


I did a little searching and couldn't find a topic like this discussed. What would be the most perfect ship set up in vanilla Advanced Edition? I've been thinking a little about it and it seems the following would be unstoppable

2 Glaive Beams
Weapon Pre-igniter
Level 3 Hacking (so the Glaives can do their work)
Cloaking (So you can avoid any quick shots while Hacking is doing its work)
At least 40% evade (So no shots will land through Cloaking)
Defense Scrambler (So Hacking can get through, assuming you don't want to use the defense drone glitch)
I don't know, maybe Stealth Weapons?
Is there really anything else that you'd need or would be useful? Could there be a more effective theoretical set up?

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