[MOD TOOL] [WIP] Event Manager

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[MOD TOOL] [WIP] Event Manager

Postby eluvatar » Sun Oct 17, 2021 1:37 am

Here's my FTL Event Manager, it's still in the early stages and there's not support for everything you can do in an event, but it's a good start.
Download link v
Source Code

Here's a screenshot of the UI with the Multiverse mod opened up to edit

on the left is a list of all events in the mod with a name. Once you select an event then you can see it loaded on the right. There you can see some values you can modify for that event as well as the choices for that event. Once you select a choice the event for that choice will be loaded to the right to allow you to edit that event. You can modify as many events as you would like, once you're done you can click 'Save' to save your changes to xml files.

Currently in order to open up a mod you need to click 'Load' in the top left and select the 'data' folder for your mod, this will load all the xml files and display the events on the left. Once you modify an event, if you click save the event file that the event lives in will be updated, a file will only be changed when you click save if an event in that file has been modified.

Your xml files should start and end with the 'FTL' tags, if they don't then it will be fixed to include them.
The following xml and xml.append files will be included, if hyperspace.xml exists it will be parsed to determine what other event files to include. If this needs to be changed let me know.
  • events.xml
  • events_boss.xml
  • events_crystal.xml
  • events_engi.xml
  • events_fuel.xml
  • events_imageList.xml
  • events_mantis.xml
  • events_nebula.xml
  • events_pirate.xml
  • events_rebel.xml
  • events_rock.xml
  • events_ships.xml
  • events_slug.xml
  • events_zoltan.xml
  • dlcEvents.xml
  • dlcEventsOverwrite.xml
  • dlcEvents_anaerobic.xml

This is still a work in progress, so make sure you backup your files before using my tool as I can't promise that it won't cause issues or mess up your files.

Please let me know any issues or questions you have. Also let me know what else you would like supported for events, I'm going to add support for boarders and damage, but I'm sure there's other stuff I'm missing. If you have a crash there's a 'Logs's folder wherever you run the program and there will be a log file for each day. Try to include the log message when you let me know about the crash.

I'm sure there's a lot I'm missing, but I want to just publish at this point.
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Re: [MOD TOOL] [WIP] Event Manager

Postby eluvatar » Sun Oct 17, 2021 9:33 pm

Haha well that was the most recently added feature so I shouldn't be surprised.

I've just updated it to version to fix that issue. The problem was caused because the xml files didn't have the FTL tags in it. Unfortunatly there's not much I can do to remove that requirement, so I patched it to trick it into thinking it does, however that means when you save the mod your xml files will include the FTL tags.

Also you asked about the append files, those are supported for sure.

Thanks for checking out my project! I noticed you use text id references in your mod, I don't currently support those but I'll look into adding support for it.

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