Crew Memorial Thread

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Re: Crew Memorial Thread

Postby Mr_Pink » Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:15 am

My story involves the mantis ship, The Gila Monster. You See I have a rule on my ship that teleport/combat crew always have a partner. This helps them deal with boarders quickly and ensures that they don't get into too much trouble.

My story is about a mantis named Will. (Original I know ;) )
Will was the captain of this ship but was not the pilot. The engi was our pilot. Will was partnered with another mantis Catrina. The two were the best partners ever. Fighting and holding off borders that came to the ship.

As the ship pressed on with its mission the crew also grew. Will and Catrina were the first boarding team followed by 2 more mantis. This is where I started getting attached to my crew as I felt i could see their personalities coming alive.

All of this changed when we ran into the rock sector.

I will spare the details but one of the crew did not make it back. Catrina was killed by a rockman as the teleported was recharging to bring her back. Fortunately Will our captain did but things were different.

As the ship exploded so did my heart as I knew things would not be the same. Although Will was a mantis and a good combat mantis I would not allow him to go alone on the enemy ships without a partner.

I know this is where some may mock me but I could feel the pain that he must have felt when he saw the other two mantis teleport without him. I felt bad that he lost his partner they were a team and within seconds it was gone.

My story does get better as before we left the sector something happened.
We ran into a rockman willing to join our crew. I know that rockmen and mantis don't get along but I thought "Hey this could work" (also trying to think how I could beat the final boss :D )

I paired Will with the Rockman and I could feel that there was not the same connection between them and bow was I right. They got their buts kicked. Both barely alive as the other two teleport aboard and save the day.
But something then happened just like in the movies they actually started working together as a team and actually were back on top. I was so happy as I saw them take on many foes Slugs, Zoltans rebels all sorts of enemies and yes they were good. I honestly felt like there was a bond between these two.

Unfortunately not all good things can last and Will died as we were taking on the flagship. This was the first phase and he was overwhelmed by the amount of rebels on the ship. We were able to hold off and defeat them. As will died I honestly had to stop playing for a minute to remember this was only a game. It had felt like I lost my best friend! A captain who I saw grow up lead his team boarding ships fearless and brave.

Regardless we were destroyed and the mission was a failure but I will always remember my best captain even tho we did not defeat the flag ship he will always live on.

RIP Will the Mantis
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Re: Crew Memorial Thread

Postby Neodaemo » Sat May 03, 2014 1:38 pm

My bravest crew member was probably a human named Jett Scott, who was the ship's pilot. I was flying Kestrel A on that playthrough. I remember, in a nasty fight with a cloaking auto scout right next to a star, a solar flare started fires all over the place. A volley from the scout took out the doors, so there was no venting it. There were fires all through the cockpit, the room next to it and the medbay. Jett went and put all of them out, with just barely an eighth of his life left. I stuck him in the medbay and had my other crew fix the broken systems. By this time, I was about at half health. Another few volleys later, I was down to maybe three hull points. A well-placed missile struck the medbay, causing full damage, and a breach. Down to one hull point. Finally my Halberd beam was charged again with my Artemis, so a shield kill with the Artemis and a halberd shot killed the scout. I sent Jett back to the pilot to jump away, with little life left after sealing the breach. I was about to hit jump when another flare struck, causing fires in the pilot, weapons, and some empty rooms. I jumped away to the next beacon, no combat, then to a store where I got tough little ship. The fire in the cockpit wouldn't go out, and Captain Jett finally died. I bought another human to be the pilot, but Jett's sacrifice will never be forgotten. That was also the first run where I beat the flagship. Jett died and his spirit made sure I won. RIP, Captain Jett Scott.

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