Dead Again. Right?

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Dead Again. Right?

Postby Lincon » Sat Apr 13, 2019 5:29 am

Hello everyone,,
The title of this thread is special: I crafted a clever mnemonic to help me remember the name of the most hated ship in all the universe.

I finally beat the boss with the dang thing, too.
By pure luck I got lots of mantises and rocks to go boarding with plus a scrap recovery arm. Was this ship designed for boarding? Not even close. It was designed for dying from what I can tell. As crippled in as so many ways as it is the ability to board and thus earn some extra money (plus the scrap arm) means after the repair bills you can slowly un-cripple the ship, maybe even have it in decent shape by Sector 8.

I'll talk more about it after someone guesses what ship I'm referring to.

If you've ever said to yourself, "Thank goodness the enemy ship is powering up its FTL and leaving ... I get to live another day!" you know what ship this is.
If you've ever seen a store and thought, "OMG repairs!" instead of "hmm, maybe they'll have a BL-2," you know what ship it is.
If you've ever taken 6 hull damage to win a fight and thought, "Another successful mission! Debriefing and cocktails!" because nothing hit the weapons room you know exactly what ship I'm talking about.
If beam drones fill you with dread ... if your weapons officer desperately needs experience but gets almost none ... if you can tell you're going to die just from looking at the enemy ship ...yup, you've flown the space coffin.

Remember, your hint is "Dead Again. Sucks, Right?" There is only one ship that fits that description.

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