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Re: [Spoilers(?)] Changing music to only play during a set event?

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:34 am
by mr_easy_money
Glowbomb12 wrote:I now says that "It doesn't append. It clobbers" when I try validating the mods.

this is not an error, probably just letting you know that you're replacing sounds.xml rather than appending to it. in general, Validate will just tell you things about your mod, and you should try it if you run into any problems with your mod. just click patch to see if it works.
Glowbomb12 wrote:This happened both when I used a backup of the game's sounds.xml with my additions to it, and when I just made the same name for a text file, then stuck my code in alone before changing the file name and such.

so then it sounds like inside 'data' you have sounds.xml slightly modified which is fine. in the long run it's better to make a file sounds.xml.append and put the entire <music> tag with your changes, or better yet use my approach.

so yeah, Validate is not necessary at all. you should patch your mod and see if it changed anything.