Possible weakness of bigger ships

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Possible weakness of bigger ships

Postby leonardlopes » Sat Sep 08, 2018 4:22 pm

So I was just thinking, it always seems to me like I take damage more on ships that are big, like the federation cruiser or the rock ship, as compared to smaller ships like the kestrel or the engie ship. Someone once stated on this reddit that rocket damage is more likely even with a def drone, as there is less time for the drone to target the missile before it hits. But this can also influence incoming lasers, as two lasers from two different weapons might hit faster after another before the shield can recharge ( because they have to travel less distance).

Which follows the logical concept of bigger ships being easier to hit, but with the exception of the fed cruiser, there is no advantage to flying a bigger ship ( as system slots are equal for all ships). Additionally, a bigger ship has longer travel time for repairs or boarder defense. Multiple crucial systems getting hit by a laser beam is less likely, but that seems to be it.

This seems a bit unfair to me, I don't know whether this was a planned disadvantage of not, but wondering what people thought about this, so throwing this out there.
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Re: Possible weakness of bigger ships

Postby lirtosiast » Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:06 pm

I've found the size of ships to be sometimes relevant, but not more than other components of ship layout (ease of venting, 2 vs 3 square medbay). The exceptions are the Rock A (inconvenient for your slow Rocks to get anywhere), Crystal A (weapons are way on the other side of the ship), and Stealth cruisers (where you're actually likely to get hit with a beam). The Engi ships are nice because the defense drone rarely misses, but the Engi crew, lack of a 4th weapon slot, etc. are more important.

In Balance Mod, you get less free crew and can't always rely on having a floating Engi, so the difference is slightly more pronounced.
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Re: Possible weakness of bigger ships

Postby foster17 » Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:15 am

It possible

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