Crystal Burst Mark n - shots per charge not listed

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Crystal Burst Mark n - shots per charge not listed

Postby BigD145 » Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:39 am

*so many spoilers ahead*

I have seen Mark 1 and 2. Do the Crystal Burst weapons have a set number of shots in a charge? It is not listed in the description like it is with the Burst Laser. Mark 1 (2 power 15 seconds) seems to do 2 shots and I'm not sure about Mark 2. I saw it in the secret sector shop and avoided Mark 2 because it was 3 power and 17 second recharge. I assumed both were only 1 shot and Mark 2 was vastly inferior, which would be weird. I left the sector before thinking about going back to the shop.

Note to Matt and Justin:
I did enjoy how the crystal ship crew reacted differently when getting beaten to a pulp. Good flavor.

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