Not Unlocking a ship, event completed.

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Not Unlocking a ship, event completed.

Postby VanillaShark » Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:09 am

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first forum topic. Sadly, it's a bug topic :(

So, I was cruising around in my Federation cruiser, Drinking my space soda in the helm. My 8 crew members relaxing in the medical bay/oxygen/door control room playing Ping-Pong. All the while my Burst Laser Mk. II, Breach Missile, and pike beam tearing ships apart before they can say "Take everything we have and let's forget this ever happened". It was sector 4 in the Slug Home Nebula And I almost lost My chance at the slug cruiser, taking out the slug interceptor's engines just before the "FTL Jump Imminent" ended.

And after a few vollies, I got the little "Slug Cruiser Unlocked" achievement thingy in the corner :D

However, Due to an unfortunate crew accident(AKA me forgetting to turn the oxygen generator back on) I became woefully understaffed, and met an unlucky demise to the 3rd stage of the boss :oops:

I clicked "quit" on the game over menu to take a look at my Steam stuff, and when I got back to hopefully play my new Slug Cruiser...

It wasn't unlocked.


So, these are my guesses to what happened:
1. When I clicked "Quit" it did not send the message that I unlocked the Slug Cruiser
2. During the event with The escaping Interceptor The game might have considered the ship had escaped, thus I don't get the ship despite Everything else going perfectly.
3. The Random Number God Used all of it's power to go into the game and stopped the from being unlocked.

I know this cannot be reversed in any way, I just want closure to what actually happened that stopped me from getting the awesome ship that is the Slug Cruiser :roll:

Thank you for your time :)
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Re: Not Unlocking a ship, event completed.

Postby UltraMantis » Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:24 am

Hmm, my guess is that your profile may have been restored from the cloud. If you got the message about the achievement, then the ship must have been unlocked right away. There is no need to complete the game or win it.

Are you sure it wasn't some other achievement that was unlocked? If you feel that you legit unlocked the Slug cruiser, you could try one of the cheats in the mod section to unlock it by force. It's a pretty rare unlock as well. :? Bummer about the loss.

EDIT - Here is a tempting editor that can unlock all ships, and also take all the fun out of unlocking them. Use at your own risk. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=10959
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