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Re: The Engi Conspiracy!

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:11 am
by DarkPhoenix141
Alright, we'll have to think of somethi-

Sirs, apologies for the interruption but we are receiving a transmission from Raven Team...

Patching you in...

Go ahead King.

King: Sir, we need exfiltration NOW. Blake is going to die if we don't get support!

*Large holographic map shows Raven Team's position in relation to the Advance Brigade in Eastern America*

Forces will be there in thirty minutes with medics, ten if you can intercept them.

King: Roger. We have move gentlemen!


Spyglass, how many forces have gotten on board?

All forces safe for the ones on earth are aboard sir.

Ready to jump to the homeworlds, on your orders.

No. Contact command and tell them we aren't going.



Sir we aren't returning. We are heading to Earth, to assist in an operation most vital to us all.

Of course commander, once you get to the nearby sector to the Earth system the Sentinel and your fleet will take twenty minutes to enter the system, the fourth among other battlegroups will gain access to the system before you.

We will route as many fleets as possible to your position as we can


Right so here's our plan:

Raven Team and the Advance Battalion will set up anti-ship orbital weapons which will damage the Queen's vessel enough to crash her, hopefully within close proximity of ERCRT Units Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta who will surround the craft and kill the Queen.

God help us if this doesn't work.

Spyglass, continue engagement of any Engi ships and then get us out of here.


Re: The Engi Conspiracy!

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:43 am
by Tharsis
FROM: Admiral Tharsis

TO: All fleet Admirals in orbit over Earth or en-route

RE: Engi Queen

Gentlemen, the Queen and her supporting fleet is en-route to Earth. This will be the fight of our lives, many will die, but they will die knowing that they had a part in saving the human race from enslavement.

I thank all of the operatives that gave their lives to get us information on the Engi. Please, remember them and their sacrifice.

When we win this and stop the Engi, a monument will be erected to honor the ones that have died doing their best to save Earth.

I also than Operative Zelnick for getting us information about the Queen and how to stop the Engi.

Preliminary scans of the Engi Fleet show that it is the largest fleet the Engi have ever shown, and likely outnumbers what we can put in defense. Charge your weapons, lay mines, prepare your drones and missiles everyone, this will be one hell of a fight.

Assistant Director of the Earth Defense Fleet: Admiral Tharsis

Good luck gentlemen, you will need it.


Re: The Engi Conspiracy!

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:29 pm
by gamer52599
transmission start

my ship has a few hull repair drones on board witch will make some rounds around the fleet.

i am also teleporting supply's to ships that need it and some of the men on board the vindicator will help the fleet by joining the crew of any ships that are under staffed as for me i will have my escorts help out 11 chmr avatars prepare for battle.

for now ignore them we have the queen to face

transmission ends

the escorts seem to have 3 odd defense drones and according to your sensors they have a tractor beam a some powerful yet short beam weapon

Re: The Engi Conspiracy!

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 7:52 pm
by DarkPhoenix141
Battalions in position.

Anti-ship batteries in position.

Strike teams in position.

Right people, the Sentinel will be on station in thirty mikes, only then will you reinforcements and air support.

We cannot lose the Sentinel, defend it at ALL costs.

Until then, all orders will be issued from the fourth battlegroup's capital ship: The Praetorian.

Briggs is in command on the ground.

Briggs: Copy.

Right people we have to move, estimates show the queen'll hit earth's atmosphere in five mikes.

ECRT Strike Team Alpha: Strike Teams in position, we are ready when you are.

Copy that.

Alright gents, we ready?

William: Of course we are, 5 batteries will give that thing a beating.


Let's not take any chances, grab your Air to ground weapons

Got it.

Right, 30 seconds to impact.

Command: Uhh, Praetorian? Where do the uhh, scans show the queen'll land?

About two miles from the missile battery, over.

That's a heavily populated area sir.

We'll need to evacuate.

Roger that.

Hang on...

All evacuation teams are set to go, launch

5 seconds

All civilians are clear.

Threats detected, 2 of them

Scans show the queen is in the center vessel, prepare to engage.


3, 2, 1 Launch. Strike Team, LZ for the hostile vessel is danger close, repeat danger close

ECRT Strike Team Alpha: Copy that, 5 seconds to impact, spread out.

5,4,3,2, Impact.

Strike Teams move engage on sight.


Sector Clear.


Negative. No targets.


Oi! You! come here

Help me lift this thing!



Nothing, a... What is this?

Looks like a distress beacon...


What is that?

Praetorian... We have multiple... What appear to be meteors on fatal trajectory to earth over.

What the...

Spyglass scan it

Spyglass: Understood.


*Image shows large grey and long rock with metalic tendrils appearing from the front*


Meteor was created by the Engi, scans show 20 meteors on course to impact earth.


More meteors?

Spyglass: Negative

Large jump signatures indicate a fleet is preparing to jump into the atmosphere

*large pressure hits the ship as the Engi fleet and flagship jump into the atmosphere*

What the-

Micheal Graves: Pressure wave knocked out the power. I'll try and get it back on remotely



Come on...



Spyglass: Sir, estimates show that the meteors will corrupt all of earth in one week's time if we do not destroy them.

However the toxic gasses released by the destroyed meteor will kill large amounts of the population leading to the extinction of all life on earth, the situation is untenable.

What about the flagship?

The Engi queen is aboard it, and allowing her to live for extended periods of time will corrupt the earth and turn all of the population into hostile Engi. We must destroy the flagship and evacuate the population.

Got it.

Patch me in to the ground forces

Done sir.

Attention all units, this is an extinction class event on out hands, Meteors that have impacted the earth will destroy it in one week's time. The Engi queen is aboard the large flagship you can obviously see in the sky, and she will corrupt the world and turn all of it's population into Engi unless we can destroy her ship and kill her.

The Sentinel and most of our United Fleet will be on station in ten minutes.

Your objective on the ground is to hold the six turrets that will continuously damage her and her fleet.

If you lose those our fleet will be destroyed and we will fall back to Central Africa where our generator is. It will continuously damage the fleet and the queen.

We lose that, we lost earth.

Re: The Engi Conspiracy!

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:48 pm
by gamer52599
transmission start

sigh i got something to tell you guy's i have a backup plan if this doesn't work

the vindicator has a anti-matter bomb strapped to the back of it witch is powerful enough to blow up a small moon
if your plan fails i will use the bomb on the queen don't worry i have an escape pod large enough for my entire crew to be safe... i hope

oh and one more thing the queen isn't in the flagship she is the flagship

transmission ends

Re: The Engi Conspiracy!

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:02 am
by DarkPhoenix141
Damn, we use the anti matter bomb only as a last resort.

And the Queen's the flagship?

Huh, I'll be damned.

Re: The Engi Conspiracy!

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 3:54 am
by gamer52599
urgent massage

i just found a weakness in the queen looking over my scans of her the main reactor is extremely unstable one missile there and the queen wont die but wont be able to convert the planet till it gets fixed

transmission ends

Re: The Engi Conspiracy!

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:36 am
by Tharsis

Technician: We are trying sir, by the reactors were knocked out of alignment.

Tharsis: Do your best, but I need comms to work to coordinate Earths defenses.

Technician: Yes sir! *resumes tinkering with datapad*

Technician#2: Power is now online sir.

Tharsis: Excellent, how is the army doing with holding off the Engi's army of drones?

Analyst: We are holding, barely. Any more pressure and our lines will collapse.

Tharsis: Contact Rear Admiral Grey.

Commo Guy: Yes sir.

RADM Grey: What can I do for you Amiral?

Tharsis: Can you get to Earth within 20 mikes?

Grey: I can try, but the CSS Orion is getting teething problems and has a not so reliable reactor core right now.

Tharsis: Do your best, but we will need the Orion's Railgun for at least disabling the Queen.

Grey: How will it help?

Tharsis: Like a missile, it can pass throughout shields since its mass is too high for an energy barrier to stop it, and it does very high damage to systems, hull plating, and causes 2 or 3 breaches in a room. It is very powerful.

Grey: On my way sir!

Tharsis: How close are the Engi to getting to us?

AI Osiris: There is a 66% chance that the Engi will breach outer defenses within 10 minutes, with higher chances for longer times.

Tharsis: Patch me into the comms for the 22nd Assault Battalion please.

Osiris: Yes Admiral.









Sir, combat drones approaching!


Yes Lieutenant!

Sir! Combat fliers overhead!


Lieutenant! Command is on the line!

Give me the radio!


Johnson is down! Corpsman up!

Why is the radio not working!

The EMP did it in. The shock wave after did not help either.

*all combat stops, all functional radios broadcast an Engi transmittion*

There is a 99% chance you will be defeated, of you surrender now, there will not be needless loss of live. We wish to make you better. Statistical analysis shows that 100% of humans will benefit from being upgraded to cybernetic life. You do not need to die, you have 1 EARTH minutes to reply, or you become extinct.

Commo Guy: Did you get that Admiral?

Tharsis: I sure did Dave, I sure did.

Tharsis: Dave, tell the Engi, no.

Dave(commo guy): Yes sir!





Re: The Engi Conspiracy!

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 4:36 pm
by gamer52599
the vindicator starts moving to the queen and lands on her some clamps fuse the vindicator to the queen when evry one in the vicinity engi or not gets a transmission



an escape pod has launched from the vindicator getting out of range of the bomb showing how far you want be incedently the pod stops right next to the sentinal witch picks it up just before the explosion

zelnick: did we win

Re: The Engi Conspiracy!

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:26 am
by DarkPhoenix141
*20 minutes earlier*

*The Sentinel jumps into the atmosphere*

ADM Phoenix: Briggs the Sentinel's on station. You have your air support.

Briggs: *Gunfire* Copy that

Phoenix: Everything okay down there?

Briggs: *Gunfire* Copy that!

Phoenix: Is everything okay down there?

Briggs: *Gunfire* Hold... On... *Gunfire*

Sir, you needed something?

Phoenix: Nothing.

Spyglass get all the soldiers on board to the drop pods.

The Goliath too.

And get Cobalt Squadron on deck to strike the Queen


Phoenix: Briggs, any luck on the ground?

Briggs: *Heavy gunfire*

Sir? Define luck.

Phoenix: Have they broken through?

Briggs: Negative.

Cobalt Squadron Commander (Masters): Cobalt Squadron is on station, preparing to fire...

Fox three! Fox three!



Phoenix: Cobalt Squadron, provide CAS support for all units on the ground

Masters: Roger that!

Phoenix: Graves, patch me into the intercom.

ECRT Commander (Graves): Sir.


Phoenix: Gentlemen, your objective is simple:

Defend the turrets at any and all costs. Losing those you fall back to Central Africa, losing that...

We lose earth.

So don't lose, now go down there and them hell!

Grunts: SIR YES SIR.

*Grunts get in the pods quickly*

Grunt #1: Pod set one is good to go! Pod set two is good to go! Pod set three is good to go! Pod set four is good to go! Pod set five is good to go! Pod set six is good to go!

Grunt #2: Launch!

Grunt #3: I hate this part.

Grunt #1: Set one is away... Set two is away... Set three is away, Set four is away, Set five is away! Set six is away! Set seven is away!


Grunt #3: Ouch.

*Goliath impacts*


Grunt #4: Let's see what you have Goliath.

2 Heavy Plasma cannons with a twenty five second recharge time.

Eight Heavy Lasers.

Ten mini cruise missiles.

25 Mini missiles.

A gazillion rounds of chain gun ammo.


Well damn, glad he's on our side

Grunt #5: Me too.

Grunt #3: Well mister Goliath, there's a lot of Davids over there. Now go and stomp them!


Phoenix: Right.


Masters: Missiles away, danger close!

Briggs: Copy that! Danger close!


Masters: Good effect on target, twenty five X-Rays down.

Briggs: Copy that!

Evacuation Personnel: Kilo 11 to Praetorian. The Bridge is overrun by Engi forces, we need to get a new Evac site NOW.

Phoenix: Uhh... Move west if possible.

Kilo 11: Sir!

Phoenix: Spyglass, get Hines and Baites on deck to support the evacuation.


Phoenix: Alpha team, the Evacuation Teams need your support.

You know what to do on the ground.

Hines & Baites: SIR YES SIR.

*Ten minutes pass*

Briggs: Sir! They breached the perimeter!, we've fallen back to the Mainframe room for the turrets over!

Phoenix: Roger that, Keep them out.

Briggs: We'll try!

Hines: Sir, the evacuation is complete, We'll be the last ones out.

Copy that!

*Anti matter bomb detonates*

*Present Time*

Phoenix: Spyglass, status reports.

Raven Team: Active.

All Brigades launched from the Sentinel: Heavy losses, but still active.

Alpha Team: Active

Evacuations complete.

Minimal civilian casualties.

Engi casualties: High.

Engi Queen: Terminated.

How many men did we lose on the ground?


I guess we won.

Everyone off the planet?

Negative. We will be pulling all wounded off the planet shortly.