Memorial Thread CREW

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Memorial Thread CREW

Postby Lincon » Sun Apr 28, 2019 9:34 am

Hello everyone,,
Every player, every veteran and beginner alike, has lost crew to the many horrors and dangers of spaceflight and combat.
Some of these crewmembers, however, stood above and beyond their peers. They were the ones who ignored fire and asphyxiation just to fire off that final volley to destroy the ridiculously powerful enemy ship; they were the ones who charged directly into a room infested with breaches, ignoring the growing pain in their lungs just to save the Federation's most important vessel; they were the ones who would turn the tide of a battle with their heroic actions, even if it cost them their lives.

This is the thread where you can lay those heroes of the Federation to rest.

And hey, they don't even have to be dead; or heroes. Just post various crew members you deem worthy of recognition and provide their name (or as close an approximation as you can remember), species, ship they served on, and why you think they are worthy of rememberance.

An example:

Name: Captain Auridax
Species: Human
Ship served on: FNC "Supernova" (Federation Cruiser)
Deed: Stayed with his ship alone, fighting fires and breaches, as the Rebel Flagship destroyed the Supernova, his pride and joy.

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