FTL: The Federation Strikes Back

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FTL: The Federation Strikes Back

Postby Offlithium » Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:50 am

Alarms blared all over the station as the Rebel fleet began swarming the system, the station's point-defense turrets managed to take out a few Rebel ships, until a Hermes missile slammed into the station's targeting sensor array, leaving the weapons systems blind. The bombardment continued, and finally the station's 8 shield layers failed.

A single Rebel Rigger slided to a halt inside the station's vast hangar bay. 8 Rebel soldiers burst out of it's airlock, and quickly subdued the unarmed technicians working inside the hangar.

A single survivor was hiding inside a cargo container, not knowing if there were any other onboard. He could hear the Rebel troops closing in. He prepared for the inevitable, when he heard the unmistakable sound of Federation jump drives. The Federation had arrived! But the Rebels on the station ignored the noise, knowing that the fleet would be able to take out the 4 Federation cruisers that had arrived. However, while the cruisers led the Rebels away from the station, a squadron of Federation troop transports decloaked right under one of the station's docking pylons, too close to the hull for the now-Rebel controlled weapon emplacements to target. A battalion of Federation troops beamed on board the station, killing all the Rebels onboard. However, they had no time to search for survivors as the Rebels had taken control of the planet below, and with it, data on the Rebel Flagship. That data had to be protected at all costs!

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Re: FTL: The Federation Strikes Back

Postby Offlithium » Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:28 pm

2 weeks later

The Aurora-class attack cruiser dropped out of hyperspace, attempting to lose a pirate cruiser that had been pursuing them for 4 beacons now. They seemed to have finally lost the pirate. Logan noticed the debris of a battle. From the looks of it, two full fleets battled here. Fires still raged on the planet.

Swampson looked over at Logan. "Captain, I'm picking up a personal distress signal from inside the station. Should we investigate?"

"Yes." the captain replied. "If there are any survivors, one of them might have the critical intel."

The ship slowly made docking maneuvers, until a click indicated that the ship had docked with the station. Logan and Swampson left their ship, looking for survivors. Dead bodies of Rebel and Federation soldiers lie everywhere, and the walls were scorched from blaster fire. The distress call led the boarding party to a stasis chamber, in one of the cargo bays

A human male stepped out of the stasis pod.

"My name is Kirkner. I am a crewmember on the Kestrel. Why did they leave me here after the battle?"

Logan replied "I am Captain Logan Johnson. Your previous ship was destroyed while protecting the planet so the remaining colonists​ could escape."

"My crewmates... dead?"
"Yes, but they saved millions of lives.
"What about my family that was on the planet?"
"I'm not sure- not all the escape shuttles survived long enough to charge their jump drives. I think you've been through enough. We can drop you off at the next station or colony we find."

The Aurora's engines warmed up, preparing for a jump. The Rebel fleet was closing in, and they couldn't wait, or they'd be caught by the Rebels.
"Crewman Kirkner, reporting for duty!"
"I still think that you have been through enough lately. Are you sure that you want to stay in the Federation?
"The Rebels killed my family. If I can do anything to stop this rebellion, I will."
"Okay crewman. Are you up to the task of manning the weapons?"
"Yes, sir"

Kirkner took a seat in the weapons room. The Aurora's jump drive powered up, and the ship had jumped to the next beacon

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