A final chance

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A final chance

Postby dyno101 » Thu Nov 19, 2015 10:31 pm

I thought I might as well try.
This fan-fic is set as if the federation's "Spy" (Who the player plays as in-game) Was destroyed due to the rebel flagship.
This probably won't be too good, as I'm not the best free-form writer, and it's my first fan-fiction.
As of 11/20/2015, this story is still being written.

Chpt. 1


The Red-Tail is out."
An insanely loud cheer came from the fleet-wide channel. The captain of the rebel flagship smiled.
They had done well. The galaxy was theirs. All they had to do was pull in the fleet, and the federation would be no more.
The next steps were up to him. Galaxy peace. Forming a new alliance, joining all that is, was all down to him.
Stressful? Sure. But with the future well in-mind, he pulled the rebel fleet forward, full-speed.

Chpt. 2
Had it ended?

A federation remainder sat impatiently in the crystal cruiser.
"How long till' the portal?" Slyvin complained, as he rolled out of bed and threw his six legs down.
"Not long." Replied the crystal being in a deep tone. "Why here, anyways?"
"Well, Long story very short...
The federation's final hope was just blown out and the rebels are looking for every last trace of federation and this is the only place they'll never find."
"W-" "You asked for a story, and you got one." Slyvin interrupted. He wasn't up for complaints. Down deep, as fighter as he might be, he was terrified.
He had called out on every channel, looked everywhere he could. No trace of federation. The last of the last of them was scared into rebel terms, and he was alone.
He, However, knew what to do. The crystal still were isolated, and rebels have never come out alive, so there's nothing to give them a trace. However, if they did find their way in...
Slyvin just kept telling himself to think of the now, the moment, the next move. He had time to think if he got to the crystal's secret realm.
He was the first human to make it into their realm since it was created, so they still felt in his debt. He had reminded them that there's still something left out there. And for this dire situation, he was offered a monitored home. He was infinitely grateful, and in no way scared to show it.
"So, what do you think you're to do next?" The captain curiously asked.
"Not die."
"...Works, i guess."

Chptr. 3
Nights spent in ruin.

Being the rebel captain had its perks.
Sadly, this did not count.
Staying up till 5 a.m. looking at flashy dots on a screen was not a perk of being the head of all rebels.
The monitors were aligned, 3 in a row. Each dot was a rebel ship. Diffrent colors, diffrent types.
Nobody else could do it. The security forces were either off in a security ship - patrol forces had been doubled since the federation's downfall - or guarding the ship and him.
The captain zoned back in. he turned to the computers to see a dot had dissapeared, which meant a whole rebel ship was just wiped off the map, not even destroyed, just gone.
He immediately sent in a single automated drone to investigate.
Nothing. No debree, no signals, no jump signatures.
"Wow. Playing fancy, crystal oddballs?"

Chptr. 4
Suspense well spent.

Slyvin had made it to the crystal realm. He had survived, and now could make his next move.
After a day spent getting his bearings in an oddly-shaped crystal shelter.
Slyvin had no intention of being fast. He had to wait a half a year or so.
The rebel captain had to settle into his new throne, and security and fighter patrol had to die down.
That would take quite the while.
But, it's better to not take the stupid fate of running back into the fight too early.
Besides, he had some serious thinking to do.
He had to get all the help he could get. He needed a fleet.
And Kazaaakapelith was just the one to get it from.
It sounded crazy to even himself, but he needed a no-rules ruthless powerhouse with some serious fight power.
And he was the only one who could provide.
Besides, if he gets ships out of the deal, he'll take it.
However, his only fear was Kazaakapelith killing him and taking his ship.
He couldn't take away his teleport systems, because then he'd be weak.
Which meant he needed help from the zoltan to get a super-shield, or help from the engi to build something nice...
or help from the mantis, to guard him.
Or help from all of them.
"Yup, this is officialy a long shot."
Slyvin, however, was not the one to dissen his own hope.

Chptr. 5
Looking for the one thing you don't want to find.

"Kazaaapelith... Kazaaakapelith.. A-ha!"
The rebel captain was delighted to find the hardcore criminal's records.
He needed to capture Kazaaakapelith before he could destroy something major.
Like the flagship.
Or its captain.
He was an infamous theft known for his endless bloodlust. He never stopped wanting crime and wealth.
Only the most powerful of ships could actually capture him...
And it sure wasn't going to be the flagship.
The rebel captain would be at too much risk. He wouldn't pull himself into that kind of fate...
The thought made him shiver.
Kazaaakapelith needed to be captured, and fast.
"Dispatch 20 level 2 scout drones to look for target "Kazaaakapelith", Or 456-BTC, to the computer."
"At once, Kelster."

Chptr. 6
A most blood-bathed reunion.

It had been half a year. The portal neared closer and closer.
"Good luck. Don't expect much help if you don't get here. We've stopped scouting the outside sectors. Too many rebels."
"How are you not knocking them out of the sky? Your scouts have beaten cruisers."
"We have. That's why I said too many."
"Oh. Well, this is as long as a shot can get, so I might as well go now."
"Good luck!"
The crystal bomber un-docked and the communications were cut. Slyvin powered his special cruiser's engines and it inched towards the portal.
A sudden black aurora surrounded the cruiser, and it suddenly appeared in another sector.
Slyvin knew exactly where to find Kazaaakapelith.
He loved preying on civilian ships near earth, where they were of most abundance especially at this time of earth year.
After a large use of autopilot and patience, he arrived at earth's main beacon.
Of course, Kazaaakapelith immediately instigated combat with his ship.
The communications were quickly opened along with the gunfire.
"You have no idea how badly I've wanted that ship! Aw, it's so cool i'm going to make my scrubbers clean it twice from the stains i give it."
Suddenly, a rebel cruiser crawled into view, flanked by two rebel fighters.
They immediately broadcast their message:
"Any and all to instigate combat will be killed or taken prisoner. Surrendering is useless-WHAT?"
The rebel captain's shock originated from seeing federation markings on Slyvin's crystal ship. What was even more confusing to the captain was the ship he was staring at.
"What is-where-but.. Nevermind. OPEN FIRE!"
"Ah, rebels. always that way." Slyvin remarked, "No mind, all glory." He immediately spun his chair around to find Kazaaakapelith standing in front of him.
If Slyvin turned around to pilot, Kazaaakapelith would kill him, but he desperately needed to run...
Suddenly, a message came from the rebel cruiser.
"Everyone in the ice is accused of criminal activity-"
Slyvin interrupted.
"Is that the only category you have?"
"And will be-"
"Confiscated of all weapons and taken prisoner, i know, I've heard this a billion times. Get on with the boarding drones." Kazaaakapelith said.
A fury of 3 boarding drones pierced the hull and made a b-line for Slyvin and Kazaaakapelith.
"Honestly, the weak tin-cans annoy me," Kazaaakapelith remarked, after already arrived back from destroying them, "Now i seriously want this ship, which means i seriously need to fight you."

Chptr. 7
A hefty way to win

"Kazaaakapelith, you realize only me and a few crystillians can pilot this ship?"
"Yes. That's why i'll get my engi to do it."
"Well, i guess they could do it. After 6 years of work"
"And so? I can go and get other ships while waiting."
"Enough talk."
Kazaaakapelith threw Slyvin out of his chair and onto the ground.
"Uhm, nice try!"
Slyvin ran out of the pilot room, but didn't get far before Kazaaakapelith threw him upside down. He narrowly avoided being stabbed by Kazaaakapelith's sharp jaws, and got upright again.
Slyvin ran to the hacking system room he had installed a long time ago. He completed his commands just before he was pulled aside.
"Now you can't warp back."
"And why is that useful?'
"Wow. You're really that dim."
Slyvin darted to the oxygen room.
"Move and it's all over." Slyvin threatened.
"I can shut this off and suffocate us both."
"I could just- Oh. S'well done, mate. However, hacking does not last forever."
"It's not like it's been activated yet."
"So i could just-"
"And now it is!"
Slyvin had the upper hand. No matter how fast Kazaaakapelith was, he couldn't get there before the "Drain oxygen" button was pressed.
"Okay, so what do you want me to do?"
"Help me."
"...What's in it for me?"
"Not being suffocated to death."

Chptr. 8
Encounters and Anger

"So he's off with the last federation ship now?"
"Yes, captain."
"Darned. Not much you could've done. Next time, however, try to charge the weapons faster."
"Yes sir."
"You're dismissed."
The rebel captain, Kelster, was furious, but he knew the circumstances all to well to blame the cruiser's captain.
The cruiser's crew was too shocked to do much.
"S'well. Now the "Federation", Or what's left of it, has a fleet of 45 ships, all of which are actually powerful cruisers."
Now he needed to bring back out his fleet, a timely operation only practiced for war.
Which this would hastily become.

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