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[Fan Fiction] The Young Captain that Could

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:38 pm
by Bigc1180
Disclaimer: I am in no way the one who created part of that title. Also, this is a work of Fan Fiction, any material I do not own that is used is in no way used for monetary purposes. This is for entertainment.

As the man waited in the elevator, he chewed his fingernails. He did this when he was nervous. When the elevator doors opened he had bit most of his left pointer fingernail off. He walked right up to the fighter that would be his. He saw most of his assigned crew was gathered right outside the ship. So, he went and greeted them.

"Good morning, men." He said, "I am Captain Teddy Smith, your new commander."

"Hello, Sir." His crew responded.

Just then, the space dock's officer walked up to Teddy and gave him a clipboard with information concerning his crew and ship. According to the papers, he had three crew members. A engineer, a weapons officer, and a lieutenant that seemed to be proficient in taking care of the shields.

"You will learn their names soon enough," The officer said, "They know each other well, according to their file."

"Great" Teddy replied.

He had been promoted only recently, a few days ago to be exact. He was very lucky to get a ship of his own so quickly, most ships were in service already or have been destroyed. The shipbuilders can only work so quickly, after all. Whatever the case, the ship he saw was amazing. It was brand new, it had some of the latest weapons and systems, the best shipboard kitchen he had ever seen, and a shiny new paint job. Actually, his favorite part was the paint. The shiny orange and blue colors that showed his ship was part to the Rebellion.

He told the crew to get onboard and get the ship ready to FTL jump to the sector he was told to patrol. This sector was a civilian sector, no real danger. Except, he was hunting one of the most dangerous ships out there. This lone ship has destroyed countless Rebel ships and has data that can destroy the Rebellion. He was told it was a outdated Kestrel cruiser. He laughed when he heard it. But, then he was told the thing received so many upgrades that it was more dangerous than some Rebel fighters.

Either way, he jumped away to the next sector. He arrived to see a pirate ship harassing a Federation cruiser! Then he scanned both ships. The pirate was nothing much other than a pirate. But, the Federation ship was the ship he was looking for!
He hailed the pirate and spoke into the communicator,

"Hello, Pirate Filth, if you destroy that ship, we will pay you greatly on one condition."

"Condition? What would that be?," Asked the Pirate Captain.

"All you have to do is kill them and not us, and great riches will be yours." Teddy said.

"Sure, how could I pass that up?" Said the pirate.

However, the ship soon destroyed the pirate. Teddy ordered the crew to battle stations. Then, they flew right up to the Federation ship and hailed,

"Federation Scum! Surrender and we will let you live!" Barked Teddy into the holographic image of the enemy captain.

"Foolish Meatsack! We will tear you limb from limb!" Screamed the enemy captain, who was apparently a Mantis.

"Sir, remember what the Admiral told you about courtesy towards the enemy." Said a human in a federation officer's uniform.

"Right, let me say it again. No, we will not surrender, but we reccomend you do." Grumbled the Mantis.

"I think not," said Teddy, "It is your death or mine then."

The two ships fight for hours, evading and taking blows, both sides lose men. The Rebel ship has two men left of the four it started with. The Federation ship has one man left. Then there is a teleporter signal, the last man in the Federation ship beams onto the deck. It is the officer that corrected the Mantis.

"Please!" Begged the officer, "Let me live!"

"Hmmmmm." Teddy said, "Nah."

Then Teddy shot the officer clean through the skull. He then ordered his remaining crew member to radio the Fleet of their success.

In the end, Teddy was promoted to Admiral, and his remaining Crew to captain. The Federation fell to pieces. Now, the switch is flipped, the Rebels are fighting with a new rebellion trying to restore the Federation. But that, is a story for another day.