Stealing:the galaxy's best thief you'll have never heard of.

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Stealing:the galaxy's best thief you'll have never heard of.

Postby dark33hawk » Tue Nov 03, 2015 8:35 pm

For starters, I'm not dead! I was busy with school and kinda...forgot. But now I'm back with this!

Chapter 1:the third planetary bank

"These days people protect things several times more valuable than themselves and they put it in a simple locked case under the bed. It's disgusting."

A man leaned forward from his chair and said replied. "You're not in this interrogation room for telling people how to live. Your here for the theft of over a million scraps worth in artifacts and items. How?"

"On the contrary, I was talking about how people don't think of thieves. They say to themselves "they won't steal from me, there are billions and billions of other people that think just like me. Let's put the family heirloom that's worth more than the entire family's income for a year in a metal box under the bed and no one will steal it. Everybody thinks they have the illusion of security. Even the third planetary bank...

The third planetary bank. Recently bought the first bank and has the biggest vault on this planet. Three levels;the first is the general people level. The second and third are offices. They also have two underground levels-"

"Why do you know this?"

"It's easier to sneak into the bank,than to rob it. plus I had an insider".

" anyway The first underground level is the basement and the final is the vault. Over a million scraps worth of gold and tech. I have robbed better."

"So you admit you have stolen from other planets?"

"Officer Black, I could buy everything and everyone on this planet for under a million scrap and burn it and I would still make a profit from another planet, so yes officer Black this is not the hardest planet I have robbed from".

Over half of the employees are guards and most have standard access,my insider in that group. The vault opens after hours to deposit and withdraw money for loans and depositing. Cameras are on the general level and on the lower levels so I would have needed to get rid of that. Security rooms like the camera room and hallways need a higher badge to access, the closer to the vault the higher the badge. So my plan was simple. Steal the Coe badge as it was the highest, "replace" the camera guy with my insider and during the open hours I would sneak in while something happens in the general level, like explosives. That will cause the guards to see what's up, allowing me to get to the lower levels and find a dead drop of a teleporter. Sneak down, avoid the lower level guards and seal myself in the vault so no one raises the alarm over an open vault. I would teleport back and forth, grabbing as much money as I can and waiting. It took two hours and I was almost spotted at the end when they opened the vault."

"So that's how you did it... You crashed the economy on this planet. I had to pick up a second job for a year to get the bills settled" jones whispered

"Yes and I'm not sorry about that... But you should see what I found next to the cel badge in evidence after this, trust me"

A loud buzzer sounded and guards came in, handcuffed him and took him away to his cell. Jones was still there, sitting down and processing this. He decided to check tomorrow.

Whew! First chapter done! Don't expect the send one anytime soon but for now enjoy :D please PM me if you saw grammar problems. I will be rereading this and editing it shortly after I posted this.
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Re: Stealing:the galaxy's best thief you'll have never heard of.

Postby stylesrj » Tue Nov 03, 2015 8:52 pm

Over a million scraps worth of gold and tech

Cuz in the future, gold still has monetary value. I think it should be replaced with heavy elements.

Not a bad start I suppose. Reminds me of that episode of Doctor Who with the whole heist thing. Or that episode of Farscape with the Shadow Depository.

I wonder what else he found in there... a dead body? Kazaaak?
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Re: Stealing:the galaxy's best thief you'll have never heard of.

Postby Fireclaw27 » Tue Nov 03, 2015 9:14 pm

Vital federation information, about the rebel flagship...?
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Re: Stealing:the galaxy's best thief you'll have never heard of.

Postby dark33hawk » Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:37 pm

Thanks to the quick replies. I was pumped enough to continue. Not as long as the first but there is some major plot and some action here. It's good to be back!

Chapter 2: the circle

Black walked into the evidence center sipping his coffee. Why did he say this privately to me? He looked to the one of the new cabinets all reserved to that thief. He looked into the third bank and got a odd letter hidden under the badge.

Welcome to the circle
You have been selected for entry into the circle. The circle is an underground group that controls the federation. They pose as the military for the poor and strive for equal treatment of all form of life. Wash that with some money and you have an army fit for a millionaire,which would be you. We meet in the federation HQ with admiral Tully every month. While there you can command troops to your colony and to defend or you can attack a neighboring planet. When you take troops you must have a code name,which will be Rockefeller. If you tell anyone of the circle. Your troops will be taken and you will be public enemy number one. As of now the rebellion is the result of someone spilling the secret. They were dead in a week and the reason the rebellion was formed was changed to lies, White lies really. Anyway please leave some troops to the federation to protect and to project that they are still strong and wealthy.
Best wishes
"Prince John"

"What the hell" Black said, turning to see two people wearing black federation armor aiming with mysterious weapons that were tied to their backs they looked like Gatling lasers. He rolled and ducked behind a shelf and as they fired and destroying the cabinet . A zulton officer walked in from another door munching on a stiff dough cake when the attacker saw the officer, one two three seconds passed before firing upon him. Black didn't see what happened to him as he was sneaking behind them. Pulling out his laser pistol he fired at on of them in the head killing him immediately. The second turned and would have fired, if not for the small dagger (shiv would have been better) in his throat appeared. Both fell as a man in prisoner clothes walked forward.

"What are you doing here?" Said black

"Long time no see officer black" replied the thief "uncuff me and we might be able to stop the federation"

Plot twist! Don't worry about the end, I will worry about that later. But for now they have to find a ship and something or someone else....
I've grown Scales since I left. But now I'm soaring again. Off to save the Federation and have fun!
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Re: Stealing:the galaxy's best thief you'll have never heard of.

Postby stylesrj » Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:58 pm

Aaaaand now I wish that it was a dead body of KazaaakplethKalik that was found in the vault.

"Hey what are you two doing here carrying those big bulky lasers around?"
"We're plumbers. We're here to plug a leak."
"Plumbers? But we... oh you're those conspiracy guys no one is meant to talk about. The leak is over there next to the easily escapable holding cell."

For a so-called well-organised conspiracy group, they're pretty bad at plugging information leaks :lol:
Sorry if I sound harsh but can you please write a more competent shadow conspiracy group?
I dunno how exactly that can be accomplished but I suppose it should be more tech oriented - cloaked assassins with laser knives? And of course they have to miss their first shot so the hero has a chance of fighting back.

Two guys with big guns and armour walking into a police station is certainly not going to go unnoticed, especially if they shoot up the place.
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Re: Stealing:the galaxy's best thief you'll have never heard of.

Postby dark33hawk » Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:25 pm

Here's...another chapter!

Chapter 3: Dave from state

Valaria The zultan walked into his camera room and turned the coffee maker on. He sighed. Another long day of nothing. He looked over to his partner, Dave from state. "See anything?" He said

"Nah" Dave replied "haven't seen a dam thing"

"Hoorah" was the only thing Valaria said as he kicked his feet up and saw something. He dropped his feet and turned his radio on.

"Command, is there a prisoner drop off going on? Cause I got multiple troop ships coming in. Command? Dave, do we have a camera in command...Dave?" He turned to see him starting at the lower left screen. The people at command, whom he knew them and their families were being slaughtered by black troops!

"They're killing everyone...look one of them is doing something on the computer" Dave said. As soon as that happened the screen went black. The door was kicked open with a soldier aiming a special laser rifle. With its first shot three more laser came out towards Dave. Valeria pushed the now dead Dave and his chair forward towards the soldier and during the rush he dropped his weapon. Val picked it up and missed the chest,while exploding his head.

"Kacke, the bloods all over. I guess I have chicken-"

"Red team come in" the comm unit on the dead troop yelled with a bored voice. Val picked it up and said "red team here, room cleared"

"Roger, regroup with granite and graphite retrieve the evidence. Camera says it's in the evidence room. Go figure, right? Expect resistance protecting the evidence Go get'em. After this check in with the medic, you sound like you have a cold" the comm then went silent. Val picked up the troops vest. It was heavy fed armor painted black. He slid it on with some trouble as the blood made it slippery. He knows this prison like the back of his hand. He was going to help and avenge his friends.

"Okay You're free, now can you tell me what's happening?" Black said after freeing the thief.

"Well you've read the letter right?" The thief said, pulling a laser pistol from the dead zultan, "they are probably trying to close a leak, a rather large one. In three hours, this prison will be a large crater and the public would think it was a prison escape with a little too much rebel help".

"Why me...I've done nothing except your case". They were jogging through the hallway as black said this. Despite his lean build, he could help but to pant".

"Luck" was the only thing the thief said before the bumped into three more troops! In the brief moment of confusion black grabbed a metal rifle from a troop and fired it towards them. A flash on the muzzle and the thing was jumping but the people were dead with red holes in them.

"What is this?!" Black yelled before throwing the thing down.

"Odd" the thief said, picking the weapon up, "it's a gun. Ancient weapons before laser. Like handheld missiles. Rather rare but work well against zultan and engi but not so well to rock and lanius. We need to get my stuff and escape on my ship, it's the only way to get out of here unnoticed. If you don't want it, then pick up the laser rifle. Where's th-get down!"

Back was pushed to the side as lasers slid by, putting a large cut in his shirt, sped past. He pulled out his pistol and returned fire. The thief was on the other side firing as well, but with a red gash in his side. While he looked out to fire, he saw five fed troops firing from doorways and rubble that fell. It seemed they were outgunned, outnumbered and outmatched.

"Is anyone there?" Blacks radio buzzed amongst the fire, he pulled it up and said in a not-so-nice voice, "this is officer black, we are being attacked by the evidence room. Please respond with name and rank".

"This is officer Valeria. I was in the camera room when I saw it...I'm coming to your position...I am armed end and wearing a fed vest" replied the radio before silence. Then five shots from another laser weapon and silence

"Val?" Black yelled while he braced himself. If it was reinforcements, then the first squad would be pushing up.

"Black?" said a zultan as he ran up. True as he said, he was wearing a black federation heavy trooper armor that was splattered in blood as well as his face a lot of the blood seemed recent. He stopped when he saw the thief.

"What the hell is happening! Why is he free and armed" exclaimed Val as he stabbed a finger in the thief said direction, all the while breathing faster and faster, "why are we being attacked? Why did I have to explode a man's head after killing my friend?! WHY?" Was the last thing he said as he feinted.

"He looked like he saw KazaaakplethKilik or something" saw the only thing the thief said...

Before you ask, yes the thief has a name...I just have to figur it out though, anyway another crew member! Action! A reason for heavily armored troops to come in! Next time it's time to go and get some help, though help is getting thin for officer black.
I've grown Scales since I left. But now I'm soaring again. Off to save the Federation and have fun!
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Re: Stealing:the galaxy's best thief you'll have never heard of.

Postby dyno101 » Mon Nov 23, 2015 8:35 pm

My bets are on the theory that rebels created the circle and planted it in that facility to eventually be found and generate conspiracy about the federation, giving the rebels more support in words and in combat. By the time the circle had been found, the rebels would have completely forgotten about it and therefore there would be no suspicion or trace that the rebels had created it.
My fingers are tired.
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Re: Stealing:the galaxy's best thief you'll have never heard of.

Postby dark33hawk » Tue Nov 24, 2015 6:54 pm

Chapter 4: escape part 1

"Well, I will carry him. Gimme that gun you'll shoot an eye out with that! You can take his laser rifle. C'mon we need to grab my gear and get to the ship."

Black sprinted to cover and looked out. He saw three troops lining up prison guards along a wall. "Well, what do you see?", blacks radio said in an almost silent voice. That voice belonged to the thief and slumped next to him was the zultan Val. in the said thief's hand was his COS silenced sniper rifle,that was out of the special ammo he hid in his ship. But he also had a rather silenced 10mm submachine gun he called "sleepy".

"Three troops lining up four hold up" a shot was heard, "now three guards. I'm gonna free them".

Black sneaked up on the side and before the nearest troop could turn and fire, black fired Val's laser. The sheer force of it blew back the exploding corpse to the second on. As the third aimed, one of the guards threw himself in him, knocking the gun out of his hand. While this was happening, black stepped up and shot the troop underneath the first guy. He then pulled his gun Up and made the third troops head explode.

"Black? Oh thank you man! You saved us just in time, what's happening?" The guard who tackled the troop said while getting up.

"Well for starters the federation is after us, mainly me. Because we found evidence that the federation is corrupt, I'm sending a copy on your pda ." Black replied. Around this time, the thief holding Val, limped up.

"Who are these guys?" Said the thief.

"These are part of the task force that brought you down. There names are from left to right are: Toshi, Ishii and Femi." Replied black pointing to each as they free themselves. Black then turned to the group and said, "we have to leave, I know that there is a three person kestrel in bay c. We are trying to get the thief's ship in bay a so we will have to regroup in space. Use the fallen troops guns and get over there and get that message to the federation command" Commanded black. Technically black had the higher rank in the now nonexistent prison so they all nodded, picked up their laser rifles and ran to bay c without a look back.

Black turned to the thief. Since the firefight where they got Val, he was shot with a laser r file in the side and while the prison kept first album d kits in the prisoner belongings area, he was looking bad. "You okay? I could carry Val for a little while", with the Mention of his name. Val woke up with a gasp and fell out of the thief's arm

"You okay Val?" Was the only thing black said as Val got up and groaned while clutching his head. "Where am I?"

"Almost to the thief's ship", replied black, "let's go".

The tri walked in silence in fear of more activity. Black handed Val his laser back and drew his laser pistol and took the lead with Val in the back. When they got to a large set of sliding doors (they slide up and down, not left to right) they all stopped before it.

"It would be unlocked", said Val.

"But bay a was the main bay for the fed troops to come in", countered black.

"Well", said the thief piping up,"I could use this here stealth suit and make the odds in our favor".

"Wait" said Val, now turning towards the thief, "you have a what now?"

"It's a stealth suit...when I activate it, it turn me invisible... There not much to it", said the thief, "now if you'll excuse me I will be goi-" as soon as he touched the door, it opened revealing a battle field. There were pockets of guards fighting back in defensible positions while they shot at hundreds of better armed and trained fed troops with snipers scattered in the various catwalks covering the wall. It seems a couple of the lights were shot out so it was poorly lit laser tag to be blunt. The trio walked up on a catwalk.

"There", said the thief pointing to a black and blue ship. It looked like the catwalk they were on could take them there. So with the thief in the lead they walked (more
Iike crawled, many of the laser ricocheted around hitting a sniper once). In a minute or two, they were directly across from it. With a few buttons presses from the thief's pad (Personal Advice Device or pda) the ship and ended a walkway and they rushed onboard.

"Well then..." Sighed the thief, "if I remember correctly you guys shut the reactor down, stopped the ship for its weapons and fuel. Don't worry, I have a hidden supply of fuel here", the thief said as we was walking towards the engine room. He stopped at a random spot in the hallway (to black and Val, they didn't see the thin lines of the secret compartment).

"Well we should probably jump then before they find us" black said, "Val go the reactor and turn it on, we don't need full power, we just need to power the subsystems and engine, I will go with you" he pointed at the thief "and we are going to take stock of our supplies. We meet here when we're done".

"Here", the thief said, handing out earpieces, "so we can keep in touch".

"Well then....this is it then" Val said.

It's answer came in a nod.
I've grown Scales since I left. But now I'm soaring again. Off to save the Federation and have fun!

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