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Re: [WIP] FTLRPG: Rebel Flagship in Danger *open for registerations*

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:25 am
by SciGuy303
IndustrialRobot wrote:
SciGuy303 wrote:A direct homage of nerdcubed, I see :lol:

Im pretty unoriginal with names, and Dan is pretty amazing. :)
So does that mean Ive been accepted?

Accepted! So I think we should start now, considering that we have three players. Final note: Non-RP text should be in yellow like this, and the AI assistant's name (who I will talk as) is A.R.K.O.N. So it would be great if you could write your introduction (I.e your first impressions of the crew/ship) now.

Re: [WIP] FTLRPG: Rebel Flagship in Danger *open for registerations*

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:58 am
by stylesrj
"So this is what it's come to with my life..."

Marsha Glade... Ensign Marsha Glade looked at the small ship before her. It wasn't impressive or flashy like a Federation Cruiser or a Rebel Battleship, it was just some cheap, run-of-the-mill fighter from a discount shipyard. It still bore the colours of the manufacturer (as far as she was concerned).
"Why couldn't I be thrown into a penal battalion?" she grumbled, adjusting the hood of her jumpsuit. She surveyed the local area and contemplated just booking it. She was on the fringes of Rebel territory, they wouldn't notice, right?

Looking behind herself she saw several Slug mercenaries, wielding some nasty-looking guns. They seemed satisfied by her second-thoughts as they continued moving along to another ship. Marsha sighed and trudged towards the fighter. "Just keep your head down and do as you're told" she recited to herself "The Federation is dead, I'm safer with the Rebellion..."


Months ago...

Marsha Glade was a self-employed programmer and software engineer. Her innovations were not ground-breaking or impressive like on a more popular coreworld, but her ANODYNE Operating System software had found its niche amongst the local hacker community.
But in the end this didn't matter when ships of orange descended upon the world. She and her neighbours were rounded up and conscripted into the Rebellion forces. During boot camp, they caught her trying to hack into the computer network. Instead of executing her or delivering some sort of punishment, they instead gave her a new job.
"The Rebellion needs programmers. It'd be rather silly to press you into a soldier when your skills lie in something more important" they had told her.
"And if I refuse?" Marsha asked.
"You'll do 50 laps of the camp until your biceps explode. Then we'll execute you for sabotage"
"You've got yourself a programmer!"


They didn't tell her much about the mission. They said she'd be assigned to an expendable group of soldiers of fortune. They did mention there was an AI running the systems though.
"Insurance perhaps?" she asked herself "But I have no clue how the Rebel AIs work. They never taught me that."
She was at the airlock now. Tugging at her hood again, she brought up her datapad and said nervously "Marsha Glade. Ensign. I'm assigned to the shield room."
Of course, that's the most logical place to put the cowardly misfit. If the shields die, I die, she thought to herself grimly.

Now all she had to do was wait...

Re: [WIP] FTLRPG: Rebel Flagship in Danger *open for registerations*

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 8:17 am
by SciGuy303
A.R.K.O.N noticed that the first crewmember arrived, so it decided to greet the crewmember right away.
"Welcome to the Arkangel. I am A.R.K.O.N, the AI assistant aboard the ship. I'm assuming you're Marsha Glade?" A.R.K.O.N said, looking at her name tag through the cameras. The AI was quite exited, as it has been one and a half years since it had a crew to guide around.

Re: [WIP] FTLRPG: Rebel Flagship in Danger *open for registerations*

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:25 am
by 95% Chance
The first thing that Skro was worried about was hull breaches.

This... Arkangel, wasn't a Slug ship. and he just knew that somewhere down the line, not having that gel was gonna end up biting them in the ass. Cynical was the word of the day it seemed. As unimpressive as the ship looked on the outside, perhaps it was for the best. They weren't an assault crew, they were effectively Hunters. Hunters brought to mind the Mantis, and perhaps Skro would have to channel that Mantis ruthlessness. He certainly looked the part at least. A burly Slug-man, covered in scars and battle armor? Not even the your thoughts were safe. At his side he carried a Federation-era laser revolver. They had been taken out of commission years ago due to... Complaints, of them being cruel and inhumane, not cauterizing wounds as they passed through something.

It was fitting of such an individual.

He made his way up to where the ship was docked, looking at the scanner and exhaling roughly, before pulling out his ID and holding it up clearly visible to the camera, idly wondering if any of his other crew had come already. Apparently he was the Captain. Or at least the Pilot. He didn't know about leading others. If he needed to, he'd be running a tight ship. The airlock opened with a hiss and he slithered inside, it closing behind him as he waited for decontamination and an ID check. Standard rebel protocol.

Annoying. Standard Rebel protocol.

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Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:21 am
by stylesrj
Marsha rolled her eyes at what she assumed was a camera looking at her.
"No, I stole her ID and I'm actually a Federation infiltrator hoping to sabotage the Rebellion from within" Marsha said snarkily. She wondered if either she'd get a laugh out of it or have a thousand lasers pointed at her. Like going through Spaceport Security, she thought to herself, stepping inside the ship and bumping into a burly, battle-scarred Slug. "Uh-oh..." she whispered. "Ummm... good day sir?"

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Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:45 pm
by IndustrialRobot
Daniel, finally getting up the courage to start his adventure, walked down to the hangar. He stepped into the ship's airlock, and entered the ship. Being the first ship he had been on, he wasnt really sure what was considered good ships, and garbage, other than the advertisements done on TV. He was just excited to be on a ship, and help serve someone. Dan mightve been a bit too excited, reading past the small text implying the ship was more of a mercenary ship, than part of the Rebellion on the front lines.
His thoughts then turned to the ship's engines, and how well it would be able to hold up a fight. Judging that the ship is smaller than others, it should be able to maneuver faster than others.

He wasnt too excited about meeting new people at first, reading them on the left side of his screen and taking a mental note was good enough for him. He then walked to where he assumed to be the Engines room. Dan wasnt really into talking to people, since he couldnt relate to their past. Nothing significant ever happened to him. His parents didnt die on him in his childhood, he usually didnt get into a fight at school, or had to move between homes several times. He thought his life was particularly boring and uninteresting, which bothered him a bit.

Re: [WIP] FTLRPG: Rebel Flagship in Danger *open for registerations*

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:52 pm
by SciGuy303
A quick mental scan showed that Marsha was actually Marsha, but she was secretly a federation sympathizer. However, ARKON decided to keep her secret.
"You can't fool me, Marsha. I have mental scanners all over the ship. Thus, there is no need to introduce yourselves."
Speaking all across the ship now, he added "The same goes for you, Skro, and for you, Daniel."

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Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:14 pm
by stylesrj
Marsha's mind felt overwhelmed with the Slug onboard, and now even the AI was getting in on the action, broadcasting messages into her mind.
She quickly brushed past the Slug and quickly moved down the corridor, opening the first door on her left and sealing it behind her. She took several deep breaths and slumped behind the door, hands on the bulkhead as if she could physically hold back several tons of advanced alloy with her bare, unaugmented hands.

She closed her eyes and set her neural implant to connect to the ship's network. While it allowed easier communication between Captain and crew during combat, it also meant certain vulnerabilities. But if she was to survive...

She opened her eyes and realised that she wasn't staring at field modulators, resonance capacitors and other high-tech technobabble-inducing devices involving energy shields. No, she was staring at the heavy machinery that involved an engine room. And someone was already there.

"Ummm... hello sir?" Marsha said nervously.

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Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:10 pm
by IndustrialRobot
Daniel sat at the console, examining the engine's schematics, mostly focusing on what could be improved, and what parts were out of date. He was about halfway through when the doors behind him opened. Dan's heart jumped hard against his chest. He knew he'd have to talk to everyone at some point, just not so soon.
Marsha She sat there for a moment, then looked up.

"Ummm... hello sir?"
He stared at Marsha for a moment, having no idea what to say. He felt like he had sat there for several minutes before he finally said something.
Come on, talk to her, he told himself.
"Hi," he sheepishly replied.

She appeared pretty stressed, even before takeoff. Maybe she's the captain. Sometimes the launch doesn't go right for various reasons, and it's always stressful, sitting back at the station for weeks, performing diagnostics. He had heard that Slugs were sometimes captains on ships full of other humans. It was pretty uncommon, though.
"Its a nice ship."

I can't read minds, how am I supposed to know? Dan thought, scolding himself.

Re: [WIP] FTLRPG: Rebel Flagship in Danger *open for registerations*

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:42 pm
by stylesrj
Just wondering, how should replies work? Is it best to wait for someone else to post before making my reply (in case someone else wants to join into the conversation) or should I not worry?
I'm worried that if two people (or just me and another) are going back & forth with posts that others might be lost.

Marsha recomposed herself. She thought she might have wandered into another bad situation with a superior officer... or an alien. But as she looked at the man at the console, she realised he was just another member of the crew and probably just an Ensign like herself.

She cleared her throat and lowered her hood, giving him a nervous smile "Yeah it's a nice ship... but I've seen better ones in the spaceport. Did you see an old Kestrel in orange? Why couldn't we have that?"

She scratched her head and twiddled her fingers in awkward silence for a minute wondering just how the conversation would continue. Two nervous strangers on the same ship discussing what was essentially the weather out in the stars.

No doubt the AI was listening in and perhaps cataloguing their thoughts. It already knew that the Ensign preferred the Federation over the Rebellion. What if it decided that Marsha's small talk was an attempt at subversion?
"So yeah... I think this isn't the Shield Room." She gestured back towards the doors "So yeah I think I'll be going and seeing what I can do about those barriers... nothing suspicious about that, right?"