FTL Books!!

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FTL Books!!

Postby Neodaemo » Fri May 02, 2014 9:51 pm

I, having an extreme amount of spare time, decided I would create some stories based off of FTL. I currently have three short books planned, to be titled:
Book 1: Rise of the Federation
Book 2: Dawn of the Rebels
Book 3: The Hero's Return

Rise of the Federation is in development, with two chapters written. I plan to have three parts to it, two characters that are focused on, fifteen chapters, five per part. The story behind it is fanfic on the Federation's foundation. Take it as canon or not, I just thought it would be interesting to do. I also am making a dev ship mod for ships to be featured in Rise of the Federation and Dawn of the Rebels, if you want to check it out just search for Old Federation Ships.

It should be out by next weekend or sooner, can't wait for some people to read it. If you want, here's a glimpse into it, this is Chapter 1:
Chapter 1
Captain and former Wing Commander Jett Scott stood at the port view in his cabin, watching the rest of the Fleet unfold out from Earth's surface before him. The ships were painted gray with orange stripes, the color scheme of what hopefully would become the Earth Colonization Fleet. Though there were colonies and ships around the entire solar system, no one had ventured outside to the rest of the Milky Way. The Grand Admiral hoped to find other life outside of Earth's system, and establish peaceful relations. They could have gone out long before now, but the scouts initially sent outside never returned. Jett, the current captain of the frigate Requiem, was the first to get into orbit and regretted the decision as the other captains took their sweet time getting into space. There were several frigates in the fleet, each with a complement of starfighters and cruisers armed and ready for battle, if the need arose. Finally, the last ship had made orbit. They were ready.
"Grand Admiral, is the Fleet ready for the jump to light speed?" Jett said through his comm. Requiem's FTL drive was charged and ready to go. Though recently developed, the FTL drive was capable of speeds faster than light, and while tested extensively, no one knew how they were going to explore the whole galaxy using it. It was easy to misjudge distances while superluminal. The general strategy was to wing it, and even out the kinks as they were found out.
"Just about, Captain Scott, I think a few of the frigate's FTL drives are still charging. Patience." replied the admiral.
Jett sighed. Now he wished he had taken his time as well as the other commanders had. "Winston, get the engines primed for the jump to superluminal." Lieutenant Winston Drew was the frigate's pilot, and he controlled most of the other in-ship operations remotely as well. Soon after he had made his request, he could feel his cabin's floor vibrating lightly with the engines powering up. Soon they would discover what lay beyond. Jett remembered something at the last minute, one with potentially disatrous consequences. He opened his comm to Morgan Gale, the frigate's senior defense officer.
"Morgan, make sure the anti-ship guns and the shield generators are primed for when we pop out of superluminal. We don't know what we'll find when we arrive." Just in case they jumped into a place with hostile life.
"Yes, sir, already on it. Down here we might not be as important as you big shots, but we still have brains." Jett heard her chuckle lightly.
"Captain Scott? Are you ready for the jump? The other frigates are ready to go. Just waiting on your confirmation."
"Affirmative, Grand Admiral, the FTL drive is charged and we're ready for the jump. Just give us the signal." Jett smiled, knowing soon the human race would know a lot more about their surrounding celestial neighbors. The Grand Admiral opened a link the shared channel of the Fleet.
"All ships, prepare for the jump to superluminal in 3..... 2..... 1...." Jett watched the Grand Admiral's ship, the Fleet's flagship, the Pioneer, jump from a solid object to a streched line of light, then it was gone. That was the signal. All of the frigates had the Pioneer's jump signature programmed into their drives, so they would follow wherever it went. "Winston, make the jump to superluminal. We have little time to waste." Jett watched a few more ships make the jump, then they were off themselves. Taking advantage of the half an hour to a full hour trip to their supposed coordinates, he fixed himself a coffee and took a lift to the bridge. "Well, Winston, what do you think of this? Are we doing the right thing?" The pilot's chair bounced a bit, and spun around.
"Uh, sir, startled me there for a second." Winston saluted Jett, then continued speaking. "As for the right thing, I have no idea. Honestly, it's probably a good thing, but... you never know. The view here is fantastic, though."
"I agree with that. Status on the Fleet?"
"The scans say some are ahead of us, and most are behind us. I think it went as planned."
"Alright. Let me know when we're about five minutes out from the coordinates."
"As you request, sir, I'll make a comm down." Jett returned to his cabin, hoping for a little time to think about what is going to be the outcome of their curiosity.
About forty-five minutes later, a voice startled him awake. Jett had dozed off.
"Sir, this is Winston. We're nearly five minutes away from arrival. Might want to get up here."
"Be right up, don't worry, I wouldn't miss our arrival for the world." Jett changed into a less wrinkled uniform, and took a lift up to the bridge. "Okay, what do we got?"
"We're just about ready to drop... hold onto something...." Winston took out the ship-wide intercom microphone and announced, "This is your pilot speaking. Hold on to something, we're gonna drop in 3....2....1....."

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