Collecting Information for a Novel.

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Re: Collecting Information for a Novel.

Postby bhavyabro » Tue May 20, 2014 7:18 am

i had started with the kestrel after a few scouts i came across a planet. it had the option of go down to the surface and investigate. I did and bought the guy on board but he blew up my ship! I wonder why he said that he was trapped in a metal box? was he an escaped slave? was he a survivor of an unknown war? I don't know but maybe you could write about his back story or the crew's response. sent me a private message if you want some of my other encounters told for inspiration and i will either comment or send a private message :D
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Re: Collecting Information for a Novel.

Postby DarkPhoenix141 » Mon May 26, 2014 6:47 am

Yay! My first post on this forum (After lurking for almost a year [Whoops...])

Anyways, writing a good story on FTL with as little disclosure as it has makes remaining in the realm of FTL possibility and keeping everything well written with good characters hard. You'll need to keep as little interjection as possible in your story to keep it in line with the FTL universe, exploring and adding tech to the factions that isn't immediately evident might end up with portraying the factions in the wrong light.

FTL doesn't portray the Rebels in nearly any light, only in specific instances are the rebels shown to be viscous scum and most of the time you don't care and just prepare to destroy the ship ("You prepare to scratch up one more"). You shouldn't be biased toward one faction or race, many books do this wrong were every faction is either black or white, good or bad and there aren't any shades of gray, nor do these factions ever move from moral black or white areas.

However you shouldn't limit yourself to what's known about the universe, implied tech or back stories are good writing and certainly add depth to FTL's universe and not everyone knows these pieces of information.

To add to that, I've written somethings I know about FTL's universe:

To start the data you obtained is most likely stolen from the rebels (And likely the flagship itself). It can be implied that you and your crew are rebel traitors (The Kestrel's Type two variant bares Rebel markings. If the Rebels are using outdated Federation ships to devastating effect [The Kestrel's description states it's outdated] then a Kestrel class ship would obviously be a good choice) heading off to join the surviving Federation fleet (Lead by Admiral Tulley) and give him the data.

The Flagship is the most powerful ship in the Rebel fleet and may be a direct controller of the fleets jumps (Unlikely) but with the commander of the fleet gone and the most powerful ship in the fleet gone, the fleet (Disorganized as it was already) scatters and panics.
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