Create your own FTL story! (Sort of!)

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Create your own FTL story! (Sort of!)

Postby dogglez7777 » Fri Apr 11, 2014 2:36 am

If you haven't noticed I've been posting a lot recently, mostly because I'm just excited I decided to get an account. Anyway, basically what this is is a story. I'll start you off, and then the community will make all the choices and add to the story.

"Hm," you say to yourself as you exit your quarters. After walking a few meters alarms start wailing throughout the Federation command center. "Well, I guess I'm leaving," you think as you begin to head towards your cruiser. As you walk by a console you enter your access codes and raise the station's shields. Rebel cruisers begin scanning the station, probably stealing all sorts of data... and locking weapons. You decide to buy weapons and hire mercenaries with the scrap you do have.

1. Buy a hull-splitting beam, capable of piercing all shields and breaching hull, and hire a repair crew.
2. Buy a missile battery that fires 15 missiles, at the cost of eight missiles, which does no personnel damage, and hire a weapons specialist and a highly trained engine specialist.

Now, the first person to reply to this post gets to CHOOSE what happens.
Oh yeah, and write a new part of the story. :D
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Re: Create your own FTL story! (Sort of!)

Postby Terminus Paragon » Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:36 pm

Going for the obvious choice, I buy the Hull-Splitting beam; apparently this one comes standard on all Federation Cruisers, but with my ship being a Kestrel and not one of those, I'll just have to have it equipped as standard.

I also hire a reliable crew: Evo, an Engi with incredible repair skills and reasonable weapons skill, Dumg, a Rock that isn't exactly great at fixing things due to his utter lack of finesse, but is completely unbothered by fire, and Skorris, a Lanius that doesn't need oxygen and can so work even if the O2 system goes down, but will have to be kept apart from everyone else lest he asphyxiates them.

As I am about to depart, three humans begin running towards my Kestrel. At the front is a pale brown-haired woman, and following her is a Mantis and a well-built African man; I recognize the woman as Lieutenant Saunders and the African as Sergeant Peterson, but the Mantis is unrecognizable to me. Suddenly, as the trio are meters away from the boarding ramp, an explosion rocks the station, and the Mantis trips. As Peterson turns to help him up, another explosions occurs, dislodging a ceiling plate. It falls and crushes the Mantis, and pins Peterson's leg down. I hear a sickening crunch.

I open the airlock and run out, and with the help of Saunders, I manage to pull Peterson's leg out from under the plate. We carry him aboard, and I smash my hand into the emergency close button. I help Saunders bring Peterson to the Medical Bay and scramble up to the bridge. Sitting quickly in my chair, I make sure all systems are working well and activate the engines.

I fly the Kestrel out of the station, and look back on the rear cameras as it is bombarded by Rebel ships. A few of them turn to engage us, but the FTL Jump Drive is fully charged.

I push down the lever labeled "FTL JUMP" and, just like that, the station is gone and the Kestrel is floating in an empty region of space.

Now, I look on the starmap. I notice that there is a refueling station nearby; the Kestrel was not fully fueled when we left, so we should fill up as soon as possible. However, the Rebel armada looks dangerously close to it; it might get overtaken by the time I arrive. Otherwise I can jump forward to the next beacon, further from the advancing Rebels.

1. Head to the refueling station
2. Move on to the next beacon
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Re: Create your own FTL story! (Sort of!)

Postby hybridfive » Fri Apr 18, 2014 6:32 pm

Implementing the standard contingency plan in the case of attack, you set the navigation system towards the closest rendezvous point. The computer quickly scans its internal database, then pulls up the coordinates for a small station called Owen's Reach. The station serves as a waypoint for mineral shipments from satellite mining colonies on an asteroid belt several jumps away. Shipments to the Federation base were often routed through this location. Now, you're using it as your route out.

The hyperdrive kicks in. You feel the ship pull. The background of stars infront of you stretches into long line. You and light start a race that you know you're going to win. In a moment, you're a completely different place. The contrast is stark.

Outside of Owen's Reach, the inky blackness of space extends for quite a ways. The station appears to be a small clump of metal against its surroundings. That's somewhat pleasant, compared to the barrage of explosions you were experiencing before. But you know that this calm emptiness will not last. You recognize that the journey ahead of you is going to be long and arduous.

You scan the starline for signs of other surviving Federation ships, but none are forthcoming. It doesn't appear than any other ships made it out of the base intact. You consult the captain's manual, double checking how long procedure tells you to wait at the rendezvous before moving on. You begin your docking approach.

After a few moments, the decision will be forced on you. Another craft blinks into existence. It looks decidedly unfriendly. Your targetting display pulls up a schematic that matches a rebel Automated Scout. They take an attack approach to the small refueling outpost of Owen's Reach. Their weapons are charged, but they're not firing yet.

1. Intervene to defend the outpost
2. Avoid the conflict
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Re: Create your own FTL story! (Sort of!)

Postby Random Commander » Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:35 am

Of course defending the Federation is part of your creed, Owens Reach must be defended if there is any hope for the Federation!

You power up the weapons and make an intercept route to the Auto-Scout. Detecting the higher threat, the Auto-Scout switches targets and engages you.

You are thankful for the fact that this Auto-Scout is lacking any shields whatsoever, however the Artemis missile that it is carrying is not as lenient as the lack of shielding. Pulling up the data from the targeting computer, you see that the only systems it has is piloting, engines and weapons. It also has 7 Hull points.

The only options available for your Hull-splitting beam are to damage 3 rooms, An empty room, Engines and Piloting, and risk getting shot by the Artemis, or go for an Empty room and the Weapons room, which will possibly disable the Artemis missile but not deal as much damage.

Lt. Saunders reports weapons ready, the time to strike is now!

1. Attack the 3 rooms with Piloting and Engines!
2. Attack the 2 rooms with Weapons!
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Re: Create your own FTL story! (Sort of!)

Postby Jellosity » Sat Apr 19, 2014 5:15 pm


The Artemis missile is not disabled, but there is a breach in the room casing the dual lasers it had to go down, making them not repairable. The missile fires and hits the medbay, causing Peterson to lose another leg. There is also a breach in the room, so after fixing Peter's leg up it is sealed shut. You go back into the pilot's room to find the drone missing, only to hear the engines hit by the Artemis missile. Scrambling to target the drone, you have to make another decision.

1. Fire at the engine and pilot rooms
2. Fire at the weapons room.
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Re: Create your own FTL story! (Sort of!)

Postby engi » Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:33 am

fire at piloting!

artemis hits engines go down and oxygen shorts

1. send in the lanius to oxygen
2.send in the engi to the engines
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Re: Create your own FTL story! (Sort of!)

Postby Zaisher » Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:11 am

engi wrote:fire at piloting!

artemis hits engines go down and oxygen shorts

1. send in the lanius to oxygen
2.send in the engi to the engines

the engi hurries to the engine room he then suffocates whiles exploding while bursting into flames
1.send the lanius to engines
2.send him to oxygen anyway
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Re: Create your own FTL story! (Sort of!)

Postby SeishinSpirit » Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:47 am

You decide that you must keep what's left of your crew alive. So you send the Lanius to fix the Life Support. Jumping away with this little fuel would be suicide anyway, as the Rebels would surely catch up after a while of our ship drifting in space without fuel, so there is no point in worrying about the Engines for now.

This annoying Automated Scout has got us good though, you think to yourself just as Lt. Saunders reports the Hull Beam ready to fire.

With the Scout's piloting system disabled you order Lt. Saunders to fire at the weapons room to finish the threat of the Artemis off.

The Hull Beam splits the Artemis launcher into pieces. With the Automated Scout's piloting system as well as weaponry finished, it sits there helplessly while your Hull Beam recharges for the coup de grace.

You managed to defeat the Scout, but the road is still long and the Rebels are ever on your tracks. Due to the lack of time, what with the rebels bound to appear any second, you have no time to salvage anything from the remains of the Scout.

By the time all this went down, the Lanius reports the Life Support system to be all patched up.

Do you:
1.Re-fuel at Owen's Reach despite the looming Rebel threat (chance of rebel elite force catching up), or,
2. Order your crew to start fixing the Engines and risk a jump to the nearest beacon as soon as the repairs are finished, which our Scanners say is in a Nebula Cloud, to stay ahead of the Rebels and slow them down, despite the shortage of fuel (you will have 0 fuel left after this jump, but you will have time to wait even with the Distress Call on before Rebels start catching up).
3. Order your crew to quickly fix the damage done to the Medbay and attempt to save Peter who is in a critical condition (chance of rebel elite force catching up).
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Re: Create your own FTL story! (Sort of!)

Postby bosky2102 » Thu Apr 24, 2014 5:08 am

With the rebel fleet catching up quick and Peter close to death you choose to send the Lanius off to find a away to refuel while the engi stays to fix the medbay and help peter.

Inside of Owen's Reach the Lanius is having issues finding a way to refuel as Owen's Reach reactor had been shot up by a unknown source. He starts to fix it but by doing so starts up Owen's Reach defense program and it has targeted the Kestrel as a enemy.

Mean while on the ship the engi finishes fixing the medbay and peter is starting to heal but just as they think things are going well the sensors pick up two warnings one is a attack threats from Owen's Reach and the other is informing you that the fleet will be in firing range in a few minutes.

The crew realizing this have 3 options.

1. Send all crew (but the lanius) to fix the engines to jump, Possibly leaving the Lanius stranded on Owen's reach and having low fuel if he doesn't make it back

2. Stay and wait for the Lanius while trying to fix your engines and letting peter finish healing
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Re: Create your own FTL story! (Sort of!)

Postby SeishinSpirit » Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:43 am

You decide you will squeeze out every last second you have before the Rebels arrive to the beacon.

You order your crew to repair the engines as fast as possible and stand by to jump. You also contact the Lanius telling him that he must hurry as the Kestrel is in no fighting shape. It would never survive an encounter with the Rebels, especially with Owen's Reach charging up it's weaponry.

Just as you finish telling him that, the station fires... Luckily it is only equipped with a Heavy Laser Mark I, so on its own it will not be able to penetrate the Kestrel's shield.

Lt Saunders reports the engine room to be fixed and charging the FTL drive. Meanwhile the nanobots have almost finished rebuilding Sergeant Peterson's legs. You order everyone to man their posts: Lt Saunders taking care of the weaponry, the Engi working his magic in the engines room to quicken the FTL charge up and the Rockman in the middle-most area of the ship, ready for any intruders.

The Lanius contacts back that he has managed to fix the reactor and is filling the fuel containers. Just as he was done and is on his way back in the pod, a ship from the Rebel Fleet has finally found you. You quickly examine the result of the scanners: It is an Elite Rebel Fighter, but luckily one of the weaker ones. Still it is a lot more powerful than you are in this state: It has 2 layers of shields, 10 hull points, a Burst Laser Mark 1 and a Small Bomb. Strangely, it also has a teleporter - you wouldn't expected to see one on one of the weaker Elite Rebel Fighters.

With the Hull Beam alone, there is no way of penetrating their shields. You must make your decision now:

1. Wait for the Lanius to get back with the fuel, but risk at least one if not more volleys from the Rebel ship, or,
2. Push that tempting "FTL Jump" lever right NOW.

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