An unfortunate transporter accident.

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An unfortunate transporter accident.

Postby BirdofPrey » Thu Apr 04, 2013 8:51 am

Space is dangerous and the job of the boarding party is an especially risk one.
I was wondering if anyone has any compelling tales of boarders who didn't come back alive.

My very last game I was in the Red Tail on normal and had stumbled upon a teleporter and another mantis quite early so life was good. Weapon selection was down right poor, though, so by the time I got to sector 6, I was sporting 3 basic lasers from the start and a glaive beam, but I did manage to pick up a crystal. I come up against a light cruiser and hammer on it a bit before sending the boarding party over, but I didn't do the lockdown soon enough and they got crew in the med bay before I could kill it, so i retreated and smashed the med bay with my guns. At this point I get the warning they are retreating. My plan is to hit the conn and drop the boarding party in there so they can;t repair, so I fire the lasers to deplete the shields then fire off the beam and port the boarding party over. They were more damaged than I though since I saw the enemy explode before the teleport animation finished.

A few games ago I had finally made it to the boss in the Vortex (albeit on easy), but I was sporting a pretty good boarding party with a level 3 teleporter, 2 mantis a rock and a crystal. Everything went fine for the first phase then I get to the second. My weapons aren't too great, so after disabling the missile launcher and the beam with boarders, I send them to the enemy shield room. THey started getting beat up, so I decided to pull them out. SOP is to move them to another room for that last critical second while the pad finishes recharging, but I forgot the boss has upgraded doors, so the crystal is bashing on the door. I quickly assign all of the party to bash on the door, but when they are still in the room as the teleporter cooldown ends, I try to bring them back. Nothing happens. I try again and again nothing, so I realize you can;t teleport someone who is busting doors down and I quickly tell the party to go back to attacking the room they are in. I quickly bring them back and think to myself,' that was a close one' only to see the crystal crewman fall apart in the transporter room

*facepalm* I actually lost that boss fight after that; too many med bay games and I wasn't smart enough to take out the drone control.
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Re: An unfortunate transporter accident.

Postby space_commie » Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:24 am

I've forgotten to turn of my cruiser artillery beam with a boarding party on board... a couple times.
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Re: An unfortunate transporter accident.

Postby Marinealver » Sun May 19, 2013 8:16 am

I had sent a couple of crystal to the medbay of a mantis bomber only to forget to turn of my laser blasting it and thus destroying the ship. Then move on to fail in Sector 8.
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Re: An unfortunate transporter accident.

Postby nimitz98 » Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:18 am

In a run with the Basilisk, I accidentally killed my 3-mantis-1-slug boarding crew in the first stage of the Flagship battle with a missile. :cry: However, I had 4 crew members left, so I used two of them to take out the Flagship's missile launcher, then beat the carp out of it with my Pegasus missile and Burst Mk. III. I got my highest score ever. :lol:
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Re: An unfortunate transporter accident.

Postby lambaline » Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:28 pm

space_commie wrote:I've forgotten to turn of my cruiser artillery beam with a boarding party on board... a couple times.


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