Most BS Death Ever

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Re: Most BS Death Ever

Postby Neverpraying Mantis » Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:25 pm

Yeah, it's really unfortunate that boarding and teleporting is not covered in the tutorial.

I lost my first boarding crew because I didn't realize you have to click on the teleport-back symbol and then target the enemy room your boarding crew is currently in. That felt rather unintuitive, but it actually makes sense since you could in theory teleport all of your crew onto the enemy ship bit by bit, so you obviously also need to have control over which part of your crew you want to teleport back onto your own ship.
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Re: Most BS Death Ever

Postby Marinealver » Sat Jan 26, 2013 7:13 pm

lol happens to the best of us. I was watching a youtube video (Alcapapatrol I think) and he was cursing at the game because his Oxygen was going down and I looked at the energy bar at it was turned off and the poor guy couldnt figure it out as he watch his crew died.

Think someone left a comment; "Sir the Oxygen generator is not workin and I don't know why.""Is it pluged in?"
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Re: Most BS Death Ever

Postby 5thHorseman » Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:01 pm

JasonRain wrote:New players won't need to read this

But now that the thread has been necroed, they can!

The first "crew" (one guy. Poor guy) I teleported over died because I didn't know you could order them around the enemy ship. He just fought until he died.

I thought teleporters were crap - and didn't use them at all after that first attempt - until I watched a youtube video where they guy used them correctly. It was quite an eye-opener.
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Re: Most BS Death Ever

Postby BirdofPrey » Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:25 am

I've lost crew because I didn't know/ i had forgotten they have to be stationary to teleport.

I would order my crewmen to retreat to buy them the critical few milliseconds for the teleporter to finish cycling. I would hit the return button once both crew entered the room, and only the one near the door would get pulled back leading to the death of the other. that's bullshit. I can deal with it when I am stupid enough to blow up a ship my crew is on, but when they don't port because I don't know they have to be still, it's annoying.

Of course I really wish there was some sort of do over button. for when I run into shit like the autoscout that dodges every single attack then manages to put a burst laser III into every single critical system at the same time.

When I end up in the third sector against a multi shield opponent and no stores have had weapon so far, there's this big red X at the top right that I use as a "fuck this" button.

The random number god taketh and the random number god taketh some more.

*Edit* Apparently a teleporter can't retrieve crew who are trying to bust down doors either. I found this out a half second too late; I retrieved my boarding party only to watch my very first crystal crewman fall apart on the pad. I think losing his lockdown ability lost me the game, though it may partially be my fault for having a build that marginal. (Though still not my fault for the store selection) RAWRGH.
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Re: Most BS Death Ever

Postby Marinealver » Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:41 am

Have you ever died to a blue event? (or any event)

I remember after I just lost my Mantis to the ancient zoltan making him transcend I rescued an escape pod with low health and let the mantis on board who in turn did the last bit of hull damage and destroyed the ship.
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Re: Most BS Death Ever

Postby Marinealver » Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:52 am

lol adding insult to injury, I was in the Rock type B cruiser armed with fire weapons (traded my pierce laser for a fire beam. Against a energy fighter in an asteroid field. Well needless to say I took a pounding by asteroids always damaging my systems that were not ionized and the zoltan fighter with their beam weapons set more fires than my 4 rockmen and one resuced human could take out. Needless to say I did enough damage to them were they started to retreat so I attempted to fire bomb the engines but a asteroid set a breach in the weapons taking down my weapons system. Finally asteroids pelted my cruiser and as it broke apart the zoltan fighter leaving the asteroid field was the last thing I saw.

The Zoltans killed me in my home terrain (asteroid field, ship on fire) and left I died without the satisfaction of at least knowing their ship would get destroyed by asteroids too.
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Re: Most BS Death Ever

Postby JCcalderon » Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:05 pm

This recent one has got to be the most aggravating way to lose this game.

Ok so it begins with me using the Engi Ship, I breeze through all the sectors with ease and is amazed by the amount of luck I've been having all the time. One time I got a random anti-personnel drone on a beacon, I plan on selling it on the next store, but luckily the next beacon I jumped to gave me a blue option because of said drone, so imagine my luck on that one. Another is I got two exact same events with blue options consecutively. By the time I reached the Last Stand, I got full power, shields, drones, weapons, half-engines and other upgrades on the subsystems. The only problem is I don't have any other augments because the stores I've visited doesn't sell useful ones. And unfortunately, I'm running low on drones, which I probably didn't notice because of my onslaught through the sectors. By the time I fought the first phase of the boss with 3 drones in store, I decided to use only two(one for my anti-ship and one for my defense). It went out without a hitch but after that, I was forced to use the last on a fight against a rebel cruiser because my damage output is not enough. When I looked at the map, the horror set in. the flagship was 2 turns away, I was left with two options:

A) Go to a repair station to get some supplies, then jump to a beacon hoping that the flagship would go there next.
B) Go to a beacon occupied by the rebels, have a battle against a ship with no drones, suffering heavy damage, then fight the flagship next, since the beacon near this has a higher chance of the flagship going to it.

So I picked A, got 5 drones off the station. As I checked the map hoping the best, all was lost. The ship turned to the other beacon, was 1 jump away from the base, and I have no chance of intercepting it. To add insult to injury, the only to beacons I have left to go are that one beacon and behold, the Federation Base. I jumped to the base and the defeat screen pops up...
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Re: Most BS Death Ever

Postby mr silencer » Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:46 am

hit five suns in a row :cry:
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Re: Most BS Death Ever

Postby Slug Ship Craft » Tue Sep 24, 2013 1:22 am

Mine had to be with the Zoltan A, I had picked up a teleporter and 2 Mantis and a rock, I had the rock manning the level 4 engines and had my mantis boarding crew taking out ships left and right. By the 3rd sector I had also found a hull laser mk. 2, so I was feeling pretty good, got a Boarding crew, some lasers and a zoltan shield! By sector 4 I had level 3 shields and had picked up a burst laser mk. 2 on a delivery quest.

In sector 5 things began to get a bit Bullshit. I began to encounter only auto drones with 2 missiles and an ion cannon, and about 4 of them all had attack drones as well. I encountered these ships and nearly died, and what luck the RNG's gave me, no stores in the entire sector. I jumped once more and lo behold, an asteroid field with an auto drone, level 2 shields 2 missiles and a freaking ion cannon, here I was with 8 hull health in the middle of an asteroid field and an auto drone raping my systems with missiles and ionizing my shields.

In the end a freaking asteroid took me out, after setting fire to half my systems before hand and killing my mantis and human crew. I nearly threw my keyboard and mouse on the ground in complete rage.
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Re: Most BS Death Ever

Postby Kierany9 » Mon Sep 30, 2013 4:29 pm

Engi Cruiser A, run out of fuel two jumps away from the exit beacon. I'm looking good: a lot of drones, decent upgrades for sector 5 and 20 hull. I get attacked by a Slug ship there. I waste a lot of drones and lost some hull but I survive...somehow. I turn on the distress beacon and wait three turns doing nothing while the rebels get closer and closer. Just then, a rebel fighter offers fuel before calling me "that ship" and sending a missile straight into drone control. It then continues to hammer my ship down to 1 hull, with me firing pot shots and wasting drones with whatever crappy laser weapon I had active. Then they surrender, offering five fuel and a lot of scrap(despite my ship being defenseless and one shot away from destruction). I accept and fix my broken systems jump towards the exit.

Mantis Bomber. Three shields. Missiles, Lasers, Bombs, Cloak and Teleporter.

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