Your most Crushing defeat

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Your most Crushing defeat

Postby cuthawolf » Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:20 pm

With all the dizzying highs and lows of this game, I have to think I'm not the only person who has a defeat so brutal that all you could do was sit back and laugh about it.

I think my worst was trying to play as normal on the Fed Cruiser A. My second or third encounter was with a Rebel Rigger that had a one shot laser, a small beam and an anti-ship drone. The drone powered through my shields and the laser and beam proceeded to make a mess of my weapons and shield rooms. Everytime I thought I might get them repaired, he'd do another point of damage to them.

I did manage to escape when my engines charged, but I'd just gotten whupped so bad I had to save the game and come back later once I could find my pride :p
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Re: Your most Crushing defeat

Postby Sovereighn2280 » Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:48 am

I got all the requirements for the crystal ship, was scouring the rock sector for the Crystal sector thingy. Got blown up but a freaking rock ship :x . Had to quit to game to relieve the anger...
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Re: Your most Crushing defeat

Postby samjones » Tue Oct 09, 2012 4:08 pm

I had a game on normal in an asteroid field. I won the battle, but a fire took out doors, shields and engines. I had three crew (no rocks) and couldn't fight 10-12 squares of fires. I swapped people in and out of the two-square medbay and killed oxygen, hoping the fire wouldn't burn the oxygen tanks before it burned out. The fire got to oxygen.

I survived for a surprising amount of time, sending people in twos to repair oxygen. I got them back to medbay but didn't get shields before asteroids pummeled the ship.
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Re: Your most Crushing defeat

Postby Limbo » Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:57 pm

Yesterday,had an extremely powerful ship together with fully skilled crew,last checkpoint before sector 8 was store,bought a teleport i was searching for entire game for the boss encounter. Last enemy before the boss i wasn't careful beamed my Mantis attack/defense/repair force on automated scout,they suffocated leaving my ship defenseless to boss drone attacking sequence and destroyed my boarding tactic in moment i couldn't do anything about it,ran out of missiles too,it was late night..In all my rage quit the game which didn't save my stats,thank god it saved ships ive unlocked. Im still sad...This defeat haunts me...


Today I had one even worse. Stealth cruiser, first beacon in first sector ive got scrap recovery arm, second beacon crew members and additional weapon,talk about starting luck. Later on ive got teleport beam,shields,drones a lot of mantis crew, bio beam, crystal crewman unlocked his quest and then... Enemy with missiles managed to hit me twice in a row disabling half of the ship and setting it on the fire all over the place. Somehow i lost 100% ship just few jumps away from the honey jar in the luckiest play through i had T_T...

Well back to game itll be better :D
Gus Smedstad
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Re: Your most Crushing defeat

Postby Gus Smedstad » Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:01 pm

I had a Stealth/B, and picked up a Weapons Pre-Igniter from a surrender in my very first combat. Pre-Igniter + Glaive = I Win for the first 3 sectors. I picked up a Halberd and Burst 1 laser, which I figured would continue the overwhelming power once I had enough scrap to upgrade my weapons system. Then I started hitting shield-2 ships and my initial strike was no longer so devastating. Cloak-3 helps, but it's not immunity. Beam weapons are bad news when you have no shields because you can't dodge them. I got killed by an AI scout that had the good sense to target my weapons bay over and over.
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Re: Your most Crushing defeat

Postby Bottlerocket » Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:46 pm

I had the most horrendous run today. Started well - found a scrap collecting arm and swelled my crew with a rock, a mantis and a zoltan. I upgraded shields and handling, got drones, and the first few zones were a blast.

Then I somehow angered the Random Number Gods. Every encounter dropped less and less fuel. And to make it worse I found hardly any weapons at all, and kept getting enough damage in fights that I had to spend all my scrap on repairs, meaning I never had enough to buy more guns.

Soon I was selling weapons and drones just patch up the hull and purchase fuel to keep going. My mantis and a human were killed by a stray rocket shot while fighting a fire. I eventually ran out of juice, and my rock was kidnapped by someone when he went to search for some on an abandonded space station.

A kindly stranger helped me on my way again, only for my zoltan to be zapped into another plane of existence by the Great Eye. Soon afterwards I ran out of missiles and had only my tripple-burst lazer weapon left. Of course, by then every enemy I meet has triple shields. I could do no damage!

After running from every fight I was becalmed again ... only to be told by the game I could use my impulse engines to search the system. Surely this will turn out well?

It did not - the only thing I found was a triple-shielded rebel drone.

It couldn't shoot through my shields ... I couldn't shoot through its. There was only one thing to do - My captain and his surviving crewmate made their way to the airlocks and launched themselves into space to spare themsleves any further agony.

Oh, RNG ... what did I do to offend thee?
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Re: Your most Crushing defeat

Postby TaliesinMidwest » Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:59 am

Playing with Engi Cruiser A, I got 2 mantis and a teleporter right off the bat, then later picked up an ion bomb off a random encounter. Had more scrap than I knew what to do with, maximized teleporter/shields/cloak/O2/medbay and had the Ion Blast 2, Ion Bomb and a Halbard Beam, as well as 2 defense drones.

Oh yeah, and besides my mantis boarding party I had 6 Engi crew just milling about, all leveled up on their stations.

First phase of the flagship I accidentally killed the last crew and in my panic to wreck the hull before weapons came back online I managed to destroy it with half my crew inside. Needless to say I had absolutely no chance in phase 2. By far the luckiest and best round I've ever had and the tiniest freaking slipup shot it all to bits.
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Re: Your most Crushing defeat

Postby thereaverofdarkness » Sat Oct 13, 2012 6:19 am

My most infuriating defeat happened on my first playthrough with the Basilisk. **SPOILER ALERT** As you may be aware of, that beautiful ship has a 2x2 crew teleporter room so you can teleport in 4 mantises to demolish enemy crews. Drop a bomb in their medbay and you win.

I was in sector 7 near the end and I had 5 mantises, 4 of which were fully trained in combat when I came across a rebel ship that was trying to run away. I fired a bomb at their medbay but it missed. The second one hit and I teleported my crew on board and was tearing through them when suddenly the ship activated its FTL and ran off with my mantis attack force!

I made my remaining mantis, my rockman, and a human and slug into my new attack force (they were the only ones I had that weren't engi or zoltan). The next fight I got into was with an automated ship which had 4 shields and a rather devastating array of weaponry. I wasted several missiles on trying to knock out its shields, but it was futile as it seemed to have over 50% evasion and was repairing faster than I was scoring hits. I finally boarded the shield room with my mantis and rockman and tried to take it out that way, but it cloaked when I was going to teleport them out and they suffocated. I finally just ran away.

I had fully explored sector 7 at that point and the rebel fleet was right on top of me almost, so I had no choice but go to sector 8. I found a store selling crewmembers as luck would have it but all I managed to get was a human and a zoltan. So they and my remaining human and slug were the attack force. I had a very poor set of weapons eve though I had spent the last 5 sectors trying to get some way to not rely on boarding parties to kill everything, but I just didn't have any luck. Store after store after store just didn't sell weapons, and the few that did sold really terrible weapons like fire beams and hull lasers. I came across some 7 or 8 beam drones and never got a laser attack drone the whole game. That game wouldn't have been playable if I'd not been flying a Basilisk. Anyway, I tried to attack the flagship with my dinky small bomb and crappy boarding party. I couldn't take out their medbay because it was upgraded, so my crew died and I was forced to jump away. Then the flagship reached the base.

The most infuriating thing about that defeat was that even if I'd had my awesome boarding party, I still would have lost because the flagship had almost reached the base before I'd managed to catch up to it, and I literally was not given enough time to defeat it.
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Re: Your most Crushing defeat

Postby xdiesp » Sat Oct 13, 2012 8:15 am

I have to say this, when I win a fight its always a clean job witg either the crew eliminated or the weapons bay bay (unless Im on the ships with only beams at start) but when I lose... its fireworks everywhere, looks like my toons are already in hell lol, and the explosion comes the entire ship disintegrating every molecule.
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Re: Your most Crushing defeat

Postby Ethaniel » Sat Oct 13, 2012 9:39 am

First beacon jump, a cheap quest. Second jump, what you see in the image below. The score was 37 points.


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