Defeating the boss with Engi ship type A & this setup

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Long Hot Summer
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Defeating the boss with Engi ship type A & this setup

Postby Long Hot Summer » Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:04 pm

I need some help selecting the right weapons for each 3 times I face the boss. Can you recommend something?

With Hull Repair I can heal to full health after each fight :D

But my crew is bad at fighting the robots in the 2nd stage. My crew is always running around fighting or fixing in this stage.

This is my ship



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Re: Defeating the boss with Engi ship type A & this setup

Postby actionhero112 » Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:04 pm

Ok don't take this the wrong way, but you might lose. 1/10 you'll win.

Without a boarding party or bombs, it will be difficult for you to disable the offensive capabilities of the second stage. So don't be surprised if this run is a wash. Your engine is pretty good, and if you can sell some of your junk, try to upgrade it and cross your fingers. I would like to see 4 shields before the engine, but you probably can't pull that kind of scrap together. Without cloaking, every power surge will essentially be rolling the dice.

Also, you can't power all three of those weapons at once. Ugh. Maybe Ion Blast II and Halberd beam for damage will probably have to do.
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Re: Defeating the boss with Engi ship type A & this setup

Postby Hissatsu » Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:17 pm

I'd recommend completely different tactics in the next playthroughs:
* Do not upgrade O2, Med, Helm, Sensors, Doors. Ever. You can do without them, and better keep scrap to buy a good Aug or Weapon, and upgrade more essential systems.
* Upgrade engines over 20% evasion last (after you got full reactor, weapons, shields, required drone power,etc). Having 20% evasions from engines is enough to get 100% evasion with cloak + 2 elite crew members.
* Always buy teleporter, shield, cloak, drone systems ASAP (whichever your ship is missing) in that particular order of importance.
* Always keep around at least 120 scrap unused. Helps to buy good stuff at shops.
* Always sell out before final fight (preferably in last shop in S7) to have extra scrap for final upgrades
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Re: Defeating the boss with Engi ship type A & this setup

Postby Guggerbunk » Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:21 pm

I won on normal with Engi A yesterday with a very aggro loadout. Used Ion Blast / Ion Blast II / Breach Bomb with 2x anti-ship laser and 1x anti-ship beam drones. I had a contingent of spare repair / repelling crew and had 3 shields with 45% evade, all positions at elite level. The first form goes down brutally quick but the second one was a race to see who dies first. The third form was much easier.
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Re: Defeating the boss with Engi ship type A & this setup

Postby hborrgg » Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:44 pm

I could pretty easily see you winning with this setup

First off, you'll probably want to drag your defense drone into the first drone slot (you want it to be the very last one that goes offline when you take damage. Then use the scrap you have to upgrade your weapon system once and get another power bar (you'll need this later). Also go ahead and replace that hull missile with the hermes launcher.

First stage: Power up your Ion II and the Hermes. Focus your ion II on the shields so the attack drones can start dealing damage and use your hermes to start taking out his weapon hardpoints starting with the missile launcher and then the triple ion blast (Don't worry about wasting missiles, they will be completely useless on the second stage anyways).

Second stage: Before you jump switch out the hermes for your other ion blast, you should have enough power to charge all three of your weapons at once now. two ion weapons should take down his shields pretty quickly so your drones can start chewing up his ship again. Keep your Ion II firing at his shields and start shooting the Ion 1 and his weapons to try and disrupt their charges. Once his shields are down start raking your halberd beam to take out his missile launcher and burst laser again, after that just use it to go for maximum hull damage.
Also keep an eye on your defense drone so that it doesn't get taken out by a stray enemy laser. If that defense drone goes down for even a second during this stage then one of the boss's boarding drones is going to punch a hole in your hull and chew up that squishy little crew of yours.

Third stage: Again, turn on all your weapons and drones and keep firing until his shields are down. Then take out his weapons once more and keep shooting until he dies. Remember to put max power into engines before every power surge and watch out for the boarders, unfortunately your crew isn't necessarily the best equipped to handle them. If you have enough scrap after the second stage then the last door upgrade should help you immensely.
Long Hot Summer
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Re: Defeating the boss with Engi ship type A & this setup

Postby Long Hot Summer » Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:36 am

thx hborrgg, I followed your advice and it worked! first time I beat the game ;D
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Re: Defeating the boss with Engi ship type A & this setup

Postby deadloser » Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:52 am

Ur disadvantage:
1. You haven't collect enough craps to level up your ship (Maybe you have spent too much on weapons).
2. You are really short of crews, try to explore more and fight with slave ships to get more crew, or buy at least one or two mantis as your defend force
3. You haven't purchase invisibility system, really?

Ur Advantage:
1. Engi ship have got the med system, which strengths your crews up when defending intruders (ur med bay is level 2, that's good).
2. You have got two ion weapon

So my advice is:

1. Attack: Replace ur missile weapon with ion blast 1. You cannot power up all your weapons combination now and the phase II boss always has a defence drone, which makes a single missile useless. When starting fight, aim two ion weapon at the boss' shield, it will be locked down soon. When the boss lost his shield, use your beam weapon and beam drone to do the damage. Make sure to use your beam to destroy the boss' missile, invisibly and piloting room as soon as possible.

2. Defence:
Against weapons - As you do not have invisibility, I'm advising you to fully upgrade your engine, a envision of 52% will ensure you can doge most of the attacks (then you don't need to send your precious crew members to repair as much as they used to be). If you haven't got enough system power, switch one of ur drones off (you only need defence + antiship when the boss has shield, and only defence+beam when the boss has no shield, this can be a long battle, damage output does not necessarily to be the first priority).

Against boarding drones: you have got med bay II, so power it up (reduce one bar on engine, or you can even turn of O2 for a while if you have got enough oxygen in your ship) when there is a boarding drone. Med bay level 2 + the Med-bot system is going to power your crews up a lot.
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Re: Defeating the boss with Engi ship type A & this setup

Postby fitzpeanutz » Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:39 pm

I won on Engi Type A yesterday night whilst succesfully "Living off the land".

My final loadout was :
Ion Beam II
Ion Bomb
Hull Smasher II

Defense Drone II
Anti-Ship Drone II
Anti-Ship Drone I

All shields
Max Cloaking
8 Drone power
7 Weapon Power
Doors lv 2 (obviously)
5 or 6 engine (can't remember that one)

The most important thing with ALL ships, ALWAYS and EARLY upgrade to BLAST DOORS.
It'll help you a LOT vs fire and boarding crews.
Then, if you use a lot of ion weapons, as i do, you need to use the "cheat" to improve your shield crew member's skill so that you don't find yourself completely pwned when the eventual breakthrough happends.
It's simple : during combat, remove 1 shield and put it back, let it charge up then do it again. every time your crewmember charges the shield, he gets 1xp.

I think type A engi is really relying on using your main weapons to disable the enemy ship's shields and weaponry and let your drones own it, at their own pace.

As for your setup. so far you only got 6 weapon power, so you'll need to upgrade at least once to be able to use 3 weapons, which i'd advice.
Switch the Hull missile with Ion 1. Then either keep Halberd beam or switch it with Hermes, i remember one boss stage has def drones, so don't use it in this round (although it's a def drone II so you can still shoot an ion right before the missile so that the def drone focuses the ion).
Regarding drones, if you have enough energy, just go for it, otherwise keep the Antiship and defense up most of the time and switch defense for beam when you got the shields down. I'd even not user the beam drone when the shields are not down and use the energy for something else (engine & shields)
On the 3rd boss phase, you will want to get your beam drone up right at the beginning, it'll suck out the green shield super fast.

One thing you can do is roam the Last Stand sector for a little bit to get some extra scrap and get AT LEAST lv 1 cloak, which is really important at phase 2 and 3, when the boss power surges.

Good luck mate, tell us how it went !

To be honest, it's going to be really hard ( i guess the battle already took place lost)
Long Hot Summer
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Re: Defeating the boss with Engi ship type A & this setup

Postby Long Hot Summer » Fri Oct 05, 2012 7:04 pm

no, I took hborrgg's advice and won!
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Re: Defeating the boss with Engi ship type A & this setup

Postby Local_Ork » Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:17 am

My setup that pretty much killed the boss without any effort (on easy, but I guess this would work out pretty well on normal too):

Ion Bomb
Fire Bomb
Healing Bomb
Missiles I hoared whole game (~60)
[before boss system I've traded Ion Burst and Fire Beam away, had much fun with those during boarding with Rocks but 4 shields is too much for them]

Attack Drone 2
System Repair Drone (not used actually)
Hull Repair Drone
Drone Parts I hoared whole game (~40)

2 Mantis with max up Fighting
2 Rock with max up Fighting

40 evasion due to 2 Humans with maxed skills and engines
Cloak (so 100% evasion)
2 Engi firing/shielding
Pretty much every system maxed out (engines level 6 and weapons level 5)

Round one
I've made enemy Medbay living hell with Firebomb and Rock crew (also disabling it with Ion and healing my guys), then using same technique to destroy shield (when crew in main section was dead), using cloak to avoid missiles while teleporting Mantises in missile guy turret, then far right turret (living 1 person for round 3 in middle left turret). At some point I also Fire Bombed cloak room.
Finished with beaming back everyone, powering Drone mk2, killing ship and fixing my hull.

Round 2
Due to lack of bulkheads burning ship down/smashing systems was just too easy. I started with teleporting Mantises into Drone room (not sure if it's relevant since I was swarmed by them even when room was destroyed?) and then Fire/Rock shields while keeping turrets busy with Ion Bomb.
Again, Drone'd it when shields go down.
Then hull repair (at this point I had ~40 missiles and ~30 drone parts)

Round 3
Ion Zoltan Shield, Burn/Rock normal Shield, wait till Drone kill ship (Cloak when laser barrage is fired) and eventually Ion Zoltan shield again if it pops out...

[note: at some point I was attached by boarding drone, I'm pretty sure it was round 3 when I killed last guy and AI took over]

THE END (we are happy, happy people...).

Also I have found out neat trick - if You have 4 folks in 1 room and beam them back, they ALL get on board no matter how small Your teleport room is (some outside teleport room, but still...)

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