What are the benefits of having certain crew?

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What are the benefits of having certain crew?

Postby KingdomKrafters » Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:40 pm

Well hello there! Today I'm gonna try and answer the age old question of "What the heck is the point of having this gosh darn crew on my ship?"
Well first off before I begin, I must warn you... SPOILER ALERT. Read ahead if you don't mind spoiling part of the game. I would say what part, but that would defeat the purpose of the spoiler alert. Also, this guide is for noobs and beginners. Experienced players, I doubt you will learn anything new from this.

Crew types: (by rarity)
-Lanius (AE only)
-Crystal (secret crew type)
-Ghost (secret crew type hidden in game files. Captains Edition replaces them with AI Avatars.)

Well there are multiple ways to answer the question, like taking about what crew is the best per-say. Instead, I'm going to talk about the pros and cons of each crew type.

Why humans?
Humans are by far the most common crew type. You can find them almost everywhere and start on most ships. Despite being the most common crew type, they are actually very good. They level up skills far faster than any other crew, and therefor can be used for repairs, manning stations, or boarding/defense. However, while humans are pretty much a multi purpose tool, they still have a down side. They will never repair as fast as engi, or fight as well as mantis. Their not fire proof nor can they survive without oxygen.

Why Engi?
Engi are excellent to have on your ship. While they suck eggs at fighting, they can repair ultra fast. Just put two engi in a broken room, and in a flash it won't be broken anymore! Just make sure they're not your ONLY crew, or boarders will shred them to dust.

Why Rock?
Ah yes. the elusive Rockmen. The Rock people make decent boarders/defense because of their massive amounts of health. They also make decent repair crews because of their fire proofness (I guaranty you that's not a word). However, they are EXTREMELY SLOW. Plus, they put out fires very slowly. Just make sure that their not your only crew when boarding/repairing, or else you will literally explode before they reach where they're trying to go. When using them to board, try using a fast crew member like a mantis to lead the enemy crew towards your rockman and let them do the rest.

Why Mantis?
The Mantis. essentially the best boarding crew in the game. Amazing for boarding and defense, but they take just as long for a rockman to walk from one end of the ship to the other to repair something for just one bar. Make sure they are not your only crew because as soon as you have something to repair, you're pretty much dead. Especially if its oxygen. Preferably, get an Engi, so that's both your mantis and the engi counteract each others weakness. Mantis also move quickly.

Why Zoltans?
Zoltans are natural batteries. A lot of plays think that zoltans are literally the worst crew type out there. They're not. Have you ever been annoyed because your shield keeps getting ioned? Well guess what. Zoltans prevent stuff from getting ioned if they're in the room. They're also good for kamikaze troops because they explode. Just make sure you have a clone bay before you start a zoltan boarding party. However, they have less health than normal (70) and its really annoying to move your zoltan around cause the power they generate really screws everything up. But still, a very good crew to have, but I would only recommend having one or two.

Why Slugs?
Slugs are awesome. They actually make decent boarders. Because they reveal rooms nearby, you don't actually need level two sensors for boarding if you have a slug, because they will see them. They also alert you of all crew on both ships, so you can position your bombs in a nebula without guessing. Also, they're mind control proof. While they sound like the perfect crew, understand this. They are super rare. Also, while they are a good multi-purpose crew, they don't level up fast like humans do.

Why Lanius?
The lanius are a unique crew type only found in the AE version. They are super cool. They don't suffocate, making them the perfect repair crew when your oxygen is down, or there's a breach in a room. Their down sides are that they drain oxygen from the room as well, and move slower. However, the draining oxygen ability is perfect for boarding, cause you do extra damage to enemy crew. Also, they're real not that slow. Its like they move a dad bit slower, this really only means that they can't outrun other crew (except rockmen)

Why Crystal?
IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION? The crystalline people are by far one of the best, if not the best crew type! They also have a unique ability that locks down a room, trapping everyone inside for a bit. They take less suffocation damage AND have 125 health, making them awesome repair and boarding crew. I actually can't see a downside too them, cause they move the same rate as normal, they repair and fight the same, so ya. However, you have to find the secret sector to get them, so that's a downside I guess.

Now your probably wondering what the hell the ghost people are. The ghosts are a secret crew type found only in the games files. They are typically used by modders to create their own race. Of course you can't get them without hacks or mods, but they're still decent crew. They take no suffocation damage, but they have less health (50). In Captain's Edition (a really cool mod that I would recommend), they are replaced with AI avatars.

If you disagree with something I posted, or found something else I forgot to leave out, please post it below. THX

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