What augmentations are best?

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Re: What augmentations are best?

Postby papaHav » Thu May 22, 2014 5:03 am

augmentations are similar to crew... most of the time you end up leaving them behind.
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Re: What augmentations are best?

Postby against the trend » Sat Jun 28, 2014 11:54 am

Twinge wrote:
God Tier
Scrap Recovery Arm - Still quite profitable if you buy it in the middle of sector 5.

Ultra-Garbage Tier
Repair Arm - So bad it gets its own tier. This augment is not only bad - it's actively harmful to have. Eats a whopping 15% scrap (rounded against you!) to repair a mere 1-2 hull damage. You will never break even on buying this compared to repairing at stores. If you get it for free, sell it as quickly as possible.

You probably never played the game on hard difficulty. The relative value of these two changes substantially with the difficulty setting because you get a lot less scrap as the difficulty setting is cranked up.
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Re: What augmentations are best?

Postby Sleeper Service » Sat Jun 28, 2014 2:14 pm

That was posted in November 2013, hard mode did not exit back then. This tier list was petty reasonable before AE was out. Twinge does shieldless runs on hardmode now, so I'd say he still knows what he is doing.

Oh, and welcome to the forum. ;)
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Re: What augmentations are best?

Postby META_mahn » Sat Jun 28, 2014 3:48 pm

Really depends what metagame you like to play.
If you've been getting top tier weapons all game like Burst Laser II's, I would suggest offensive augments like Pre-Igniter and Auto-Reloader.
If you've been getting tons of drones, I would suggest Defense Scrambler.
If you get lots of boarders (like me), nothing beats Zoltan Shield Bypass, O2 Respirators, and Reconstructive Teleport. So your crew won't die porting back due to a stray missle.
If you get lots of Shield Drones, and a Zoltan shield, I would suggest stacking Shield Charge Boosters for that super tankiness during the final fight.

Of course, now I will rate on what I think is best to worst.

#1:Zoltan Shield: Best Augment in the game, hands down. Reliably protects your from missiles, teleports, hacks, and mind controls. Hacking just delays the super-weapons, engines only gives you 55% chance to have the thing miss, and cloak has a huge cooldown. Zoltan Shield is the only reliable augment that does all these things. Only if it doesn't go down.
#2:Automated Re-loader/Shield Charge Booster/Pre-Igniter: These things will help your tankiness/firepower. As the Romans said, the best defense is a great offense. Both 'defense' and 'offense' are interchangeable.
#3:Boarding Augments: Not as useful as everything above, but if done right can lead to some serious micromanagement outplays. Like what I do on a daily basis. Mantis B OP.
#4:Scrap Recovery Arm: Early game this thing is a godsend. Everyone can tell why. Late game this thing is just a thing that takes up a slot.
#5:Fire Suppression: "Oh shit, my doors/oxygen are on fire, and my crew is low! What am I to do? Oh wait, what fire?" :lol: Just a serious playmaking tool.
Honorable Mentions:
Reverse Ion Field: Difference between Life and Death vs engies, those guys have like 30 ion weapons each.
Hacking Stun: You can outplay a room full of Mantids if you play it right.
Rock Plating: Doesn't negate damage as reliably, but still might save you if your ship is on like 2 hull and you keep resisting damage.
Distraction Buoys: Might save your butt from being pulverized by a elite fighter. MIGHT. (refer to Nesasio run #3 :cry:)
Long Range Scanners: Knowledge is (almost) power.

FTL augments
Repair Arm (droney is better. And I hate the drone. The drone is nothing to me but a situational playmaking tool/47 free scrap)
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Re: What augmentations are best?

Postby MoblinMan » Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:50 pm

Awesome list META_mahn.

The Weapon Pre-igniter and Zoltan Shield are the only augments I won't sell. The rest I often scrap for something more useful.
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Re: What augmentations are best?

Postby Tim Coker » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:28 am

Zoltan Shield cuts down on missile attrition pretty well, also I hate those green shields when I'm boarding-heavy.

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