What are bombs good for?

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Re: What are bombs good for?

Postby stylesrj » Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:37 pm

Lanius make the best boarding team in the game. Even Level 3 Life Support on the enemy ship can't counter two Lanius in the same room, sucking out all the air. Crystals come in second with the ability to lock down a room so you can lay into it beforehand. However I recommend the Crystals use mantis support over Lanius. Sure Crystals can handle low oxygen environments but it's too much micro of health for me.

The trick with boarding is to watch your crew's health. If it gets too low, get them out of there. The enemy will fight to the death unless there are medical facilities nearby in which case they will move out to heal there.
If you can't deal with the medbay, bring more crew onboard the ship. Most enemy vessels can only hold two people so while the first two enemies might retreat for healing, you can intercept them with crew inside another room or have overwhelming numbers in a 2x2 room (like most Shield rooms) so that you have 4 vs 2 battle happening. If all the enemies are healing, they're not protecting the room or flying the ship very effectively.

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