Pyro's boarding strategy

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Pyro's boarding strategy

Postby Pyrociraptor » Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:13 pm

What's more fun than ripping your enemy with mantis ? Boarding them WITH Mantis !

Disclaimer: some may approve this strategy, other won't!

Boarding consist in, well, boarding your enemy's ship with the help of your crew or/and boarding drones to kill the enemy crew without destroying the ship, allowing you to get much better loot, and even fuel/weapon.

What are the advantage/disadvantage ?

- Better loot
- They'll be too busy with your boarding party to surrender
- You'll look cool inside the Federation, and make Johnson a coward !
- The rebels won't bother you again ! (Actually they will.)

- Seriously, any A.I. Ship or Lanius ship will tear you apart.
- They'll be too busy with your boarding party to surrender.
- They may jump away with your party.

1: The System

Here, I'll explain every system and their use in a Boarding ship.

The basic one:

Weapon: Alway keep something to tear apart any unboardable ship. ( Yes I'm making up words.)
You'll should also have stunt/crew damaging bomb, and a Heal bomb. Anti-Bio beam if you can pass throughs shield.

Shield: important as fudge. You really don't want your ship getting destroyed while you are giving the taste of the Federation liberty and constitution to those non-loyal scum.

Oxygen: no seriously, do I have to explain that one ?

Engine: paired with the shield, should reduce the chance of being hit by a missile.

Pilot: like the engine.

Door: If they also board you while you are boarding them, you'll want to slow them down so they don't get your vitals system.

Those related to the boarding:
Important for boarding.

Teleporter: that teleport your crew... Seriously. You need this.

Sensor: You need to upgrade it to see the enemy ship and plan your attack.

The extra cheese on the pizza:
Not that mandatory, but you'll want them.

Mind control: Allow you to gain one temporary extra crew-member.

Hacking: Allow to reverse thing on a ship. Can also lockdown a room.

Drone: Extra boarding or extra defense.

Cloaking: That's more like the tuna on the pizza. Except to dodge missile, not that useful.

Medbay or Clonebay? That is the question
As you can notice, I didn't put the medbay/Clonebay in the last part because they are an REALLY important choice:

Kamikaze rushing or Steady attack ?

Steady attack: send the best of your man to slap the shit outta those rebels, and extract them back when they get badly wounded. Careful to the missile going straight to the medbay !

Kamikaze rushing: send anything that can hold anything that hurt. Only extract them if there is boarder on your ship or the enemy is going to jump away ! (You should invest in a backup DNA bank. Because if the Clonebay get hit during a cloning... Well too bad, your crew die.)

2. Who should I send and where ?

Best to the worst.

Mantis: Say hoorah for the mantis ! They rip apart your enemy in a bloody way !

Crystal: 125hp, can hold their breath in oxygen less room, and can lockdown. Perfect !

Rockmen: 150hp, Immune to fire, need more?

Lanius: Emptying the room from O2 as fast as an alcoholic beat his kid ! Hooray for extra-damage !

Zoltan(CLONEBAY): They explode on death ! All hail the living human light saber !

Slug: Cannot be mind controlled. Sensor not that useful if you have one.

Human: Basic meat sack. But have cool blaster.

Engy: Keep them on your ship,really.

Zoltan(MEDBAY): Keep them powering your room. Seriously. Die faster than light.


Priority to weapon system if those can arm you. Else, anywhere you like.

3.Strategy and tips

Bring'em aboard !: Mind control your enemy and teleport them aboard your ship. You can pick them off here if they have a Medbay.

The Medbay? More like the DOOMBAY: Send a hacking drone to the medbay/Clonebay. When they run away, they'll be slowed down because of the lockdown, and once they get in, ACTIVATED THE HAKING ! (Not sure, but may be able to heal your crew?) Or kill them while they are cloning back.

Double mind control !: If those scum have a mind control, send a hacking drone and power it ! Sending it again the mind control will reverse the effect on them. Then mind control them with yours and... 2 extra-crew ! (Can be used with Bring'em aboard if you are crazy enough).

And remember, if it bleed, we can kill it. And if it doesn't bleed, you aren't hitting it hard enough !

not that useful against the flagship
If it bleed, we can kill it. And if it doesn't bleed, you aren't hitting it hard enough.
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Re: Pyro's boarding strategy

Postby precursormar » Mon Oct 26, 2015 2:11 pm

Boarding is great, but I would advise beginning to plan your semi-boarding flagship fight around sector five. If you've invested everything into a boarding crew and your ship can't handle the various flagship abilities, your run will quickly end.
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Re: Pyro's boarding strategy

Postby stylesrj » Mon Nov 02, 2015 11:03 pm

Can I also suggest an ingenious way of boarding an enemy ship without getting your crew badly hurt?

Drop your crew into the Shield Room and use Mind Control (best make it Level 3) on the poor hapless sucker inside. But before you unpause, move your crew to the Weapons Room.

So the enemy crew will go all gung-ho on their own friend and probably get them killed (or one gets killed then the mind controlled guy dies) while you make sure the enemy can't lob missiles on you.
Then after realising what they have done to their crew, the angry, tearful bunch of enemies will run for your own crew where they'll be torn apart.

Also, Engies have some use in combat. Use them to take hits while everyone else does double damage with their ranged weapons. Don't let the Engi use their blaster, it's not worth it. Keep swapping your crew around so that the Mantis are always shooting their umm... acid spit at the enemies.
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Re: Pyro's boarding strategy

Postby Potatoes » Tue Nov 03, 2015 1:06 am

Another method of boarding: Requires level 3 hacking, some form of teleporter, and 2 Lanius.
1. Hack O2.
2. Board while beginning O2 drain.
3. Destroy O2 system, watch enemies suffocate across the ship.
4. Chase down people as needed, destroy clonebay, etc. If enemy has medbay, drain all oxygen, beat them until they're at ~20-30 hp, and then watch them sit in the medbay trying to not die from lack of oxygen. Heal up and then come back to finish the job.

Lanius boarders + no O2 beats even Mantis in a one-on-one. Suffocation does truly horrific amounts of damage.

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