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Re: Whats The Worst Ship in FTL?

Posted: Sun May 29, 2016 11:09 am
by Stormbringer
unstealth c. the beam is stupid, charge lasers are stupid (they need eleven seconds to get to full charge, and the delay between shots is too long. the supershield generator is a stupid thing that generates one zoltan barrier every 7 (or was it 10?) seconds. if drones are hit you are literally f*****.

Re: Whats The Worst Ship in FTL?

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:30 pm
by galaxy_fighter
MantisLord wrote:I've been playing FTL for 80 something hours now, and have beaten the game with 8 of the ships, and I'm curious about what the worst ship is. (The only ship I don't have is the Crystal Cruiser Type B, but I doubt that that ship is the worst).

Personally I think it's the Slug Cruiser B, although I haven't played with all the ships to get a better idea.

Dam, I with there was a voting system.
Anyway, please reply what you think the worst ship is and why!

Im going to say engi B. Slug B is actually not that bad due to the artemis, and boarding strats are always good. I know engi b is the common call, and its actually really not terrible. I dont think there is a ship that is unusable, or even terribly bad. Subset has done a good job with the game and made all the ships playable. Engi B is one of the hardest to start with and is very reliant on many things. You have to get crew, and you have to get weapons. This holds you back in scrap from other normal upgrades to shields and engines. Also stealth C is even worse. Stealth C relies on very specific RNG to survive sector 1. But people win with stealth c and engi b all the time. Conclusion: There isnt really a “bad” ship. All ships can be used effectively. Engi B and stealth C and severely dissadvanged, and the hardest to use, but it can be done.