Stasis Pod Distribution

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Re: Stasis Pod Distribution

Postby slugfest » Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:04 am

Incidentally, I was going to come here to report a double stasis pod game, but by the end it was a TRIPLE. That is, I was already carrying a stasis pod (and two other augs) when I was offered a second... and later a third. Never did get my crystal ship, though!
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Re: Stasis Pod Distribution

Postby Neoviper » Thu Oct 11, 2012 5:39 am

If you get more than one pod, can you open them all to get multiple crystal crew members?
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Re: Stasis Pod Distribution

Postby Agent_L » Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:13 am

Neoviper wrote:If you get more than one pod, can you open them all to get multiple crystal crew members?

If it is possible, you would need that many "Zoltan research station" events. I'm not sure if the station event takes one pod (I think so) or do they take all pods. I'm sure in either case, you get only one crystal from one station.

Binky wrote:I lucked onto a Stasis Pod, stumbled into the Zoltan researchers and got the Crystal guy and have by pure chance taken the right path and found the Rock Homeworld sector... and theres nothing here. Shouldnt there be a quest marker or something?
Because I've already used up about 8 years worth of luck to get this far and I dont fancy my chances of just, by coincidence, wandering into the 1-in-21 beacon that'll give the ship :(

[Edit:] Lol nevermind. First jump took me right to it, then I got the quest marker. Is that how it works or have I just used up all the remaining good fortune I'll ever have in my life?

Yes, this is how it works, and yes, you've used all good luck. :) The ancient gate is not marked, it's the third event when God of Random has to smile upon you.
One has to have luck 3 times in a row (assuming you have rock plating):
- stumble upon beacon with derelict ship to get the pod
- stumble upon beacon with Zoltan researchers to get the crystalman from the pod)
- stumble upon beacon with ancient gate to get it reactivated by the crystalman
Neither of them is marked with a quest marker, because the quest doesn't start until you enter the crystal sector.
I was even luckier than you, because I've found the ancient gate one jump before exit. This way I have collected all possible scrap from Rock HW sector AND Crystal sector : )
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