FTL guide to boarding: V1.0

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Re: FTL guide to boarding: V1.0

Postby OC2142 » Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:53 pm

I like the list, but I actually prefer Mantis to Rock. The speed boost is critical if the teleporter isn't ready but the mantis is wounded. you can run them in and out of a room to keep them safe. Nothing beats a crystal team though. Lockdown basically lets you destroy the Medbay.

My list would go something like this:
Crystals-They have lockdown and increased HP, allowing them to take more damage. Also, you can trap single enemies with 2 crystals, so they have to fight 2 v 1 with no chance of escape and the increased HP. The suffocation damage reduction also lets you comfortably board Auto-Drones, allowing you to disable weapons and shields etc before teleporting them back and tearing the Drone to pieces.
Mantis-With the increase in speed and damage, Mantises are the best for typical boarding since you can duck them in and out of a room. They are not too rare either, unlike Rocks and Crystals
Rocks-Increased HP and Fire immunity is great especially with a fire beam or bomb, but the lower speed makes them less suitable for boarding
Lanius-These are the cruellest of the cruel if you have a Lockdown Bomb. It's especially funny to attack their O2 system and destroy it with the Lanius. The O2 room will be drained due to the Lanius, and the enemies can't repair it if they're on low enough health without dying.
Zoltans-Since AE, Zoltans have become quite dangerous. This is especially apparent on the Fed C (yes it sucks, but the concept is cool) because on death they explode dealing 15 damage to all enemies in a room. From what I've heard, Zoltans are used as 'Zoltan Suicide Bombers' in conjunction with a Clone Bay. You send them in, the enemy kills them and gets dealt 30 damage. Add the initial 70 health damage the Zoltans can deal and you can kill 100HP non-Mantis crews easy. When they clone back, rinse and repeat!
Humans/Slugs-No combat bonuses, no health increase, nothing special. The two are tied, but the slugs are better otherwise due to the Blue Options and telepathy which lets you see enemy crew
Engi-No. These guys are better on your ship. They will lose even to Zoltans!

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