This Require Patients, but make later games so easy ><

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This Require Patients, but make later games so easy ><

Postby Targetstar » Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:05 pm

Here are 3 tips that can make you OP early on.

If you see some one thats has 2 guns that shoot 1 bullet each (2 in total), and you have 2 walls of shield, then just sit there, and AFK. your shield person, will gain exp, your pilot and your engine (if you have him this early) will also. and if you have a Ion weapon, target there shield or anything beside weapon (engines) to gain exp for him.

With the Ion thing befor, if he has 2 bullets, and you have 2 walls, and you know you will NEVER get hurt, aim for his O2. especialy if you have the MK II one cause the MK II shoots faster than the shield regen. it will take a long time, but you will sufficate them to death, and gain more Scraps and things from the battle than just Blowey upey time.

I thoguht the 2nd hardest thing was to level your fighting... apprently not. Make sure you have Sensor 2, (or a Slug), a Tepeorter, and a Ion Weapon. and your enemys has a Medic Bay, and people who you can dispatch easily (not all of them). When you 1st fight, kill off all of the other members (useing bomes, bording normaly, and just shooting them, but make sure 1-2 of them are alive. If you Ion the medic bay, the people in it, will NEVER leave, and since ion won't kill them, you can have ALOT of time. i did this on accident, i sent 2 matis to kill everyone (had to send them back twice), but i kiled everyone but 2 peps. i then procede to disarm the weapon 1st. then there shields, and i killed all of the things inside the ship, so i basicly killed the ship from the inside. and by the time i was done, 2 double star Fighters ><

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