Unlocking the Mantis ship

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Unlocking the Mantis ship

Postby Lincon » Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:12 am

Hello everyone,,
I'm really annoyed with the process required to unlock the Mantis ship. I've unlocked all the other ships, including the B variants, and still no Mantis. People complain about the difficulty of unlocking the Crystal ship, but it seems I run into the stasis pod regularly, and most games I never see the Mantis homeworlds at all, let alone run into the named Mantis. I think I've seen him once, and I didn't have the requirements (teleporter / 2, med bay / 2) at the time.
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I've been running the Crystal / B to unlock it, since it's one of the two ships available that starts with a teleporter, and choosing paths to red sectors, and no luck after several runs. I'm getting a bit tired of that ship - shooting stuff is just more fun than the monotony of boarding.
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Re: Unlocking the Mantis ship

Postby Arthur Dent » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:11 pm

scottsmith01 wrote:If you cant defeat The Rebel Flagship with the Zoltan Cruiser there is another way: The Legendary thief KazaaakplethKilik. This is a Random Event. Occurs in Mantis Homeworlds. Read more here:
http://ftl.wikia.com/wiki/Legendary_thi ... ndom_Event

One has to concede that this may be a difficult thing to achieve, depending of your tactics. In order to do it, you need 1. a teleporter, 2. a level 2 medbay or clone bay, 3. find the Mantis Homeworlds, and 4. find the relevant event. There is no guarantee that there even is a Mantis Homeworld in your run, and with many ships you would usually buy other systems than a teleporter or a teleporter would be low priority. At least that's the case for me. So no wonder I, too, am not winning the Mantis unlock quest any more often than the Crystal one.

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