"The game hates me!" Bullshit Death Discussion thread.

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"The game hates me!" Bullshit Death Discussion thread.

Postby Mataza » Sun Dec 16, 2012 5:13 am

I feel very much the need for this after what just happened.

This thread is intended for venting about bad luck, when the pure concept of randomization decides to bend space time to ruin your game.
Did you ever think "F*** my life", when the ship encounter you just stumbled into in search of a shop to buy a drone control and repair your badly damaged was a cloaked autoscout with 4 rocket launchers?
Or did you ever save up to 200 scrap on a stealth cruiser, looking for a shop that actually offers you shields, when you run into a rebel rigger with 2 beam drones?
That´s what this thread is for. Tell us how much the RNG not just screwed you over, but crushed you and tried to set your housepets on fire.

I´ll go first:
Fed Cruiser A, trying aiming for diplomatic immunity.
Second ship encounter: Auto Assault with beam Drone, Burst laser 2 and Heavy Laser.
Burst Laser penetrates downs shields, Beam Drone hits 1 empty room. I depower only his Heavy Laser. Second Volley, he hits my shields and my weapons bay. Beam Drone eats my engines and everything else. Never got a second shot off or ready to jump.
I had 29 scrap before the encounter, so I couldn´t have upgraded anything even if I wanted.
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Re: "The game hates me!" Bullshit Death Discussion thread.

Postby Kieve » Sun Dec 16, 2012 5:32 am

I remember while testing the Obsidian Cruiser, it had only the one weapon (singularity projector, 20s cooldown)
First jump was a solar flare, against an automated scout. And the fire cooked my weapons just before they were charged up.
So I tried again. First jump? Zoltan ship. Cut me to pieces with beams - again, before I could get off a shot.

If anyone ever wondered why I decided to give the Retribution two unique weapons? That's why.
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Re: "The game hates me!" Bullshit Death Discussion thread.

Postby Mataza » Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:58 am

And here I go again.
Redtail, everything went more than smooth. Got in sector 3 stuff to almost guarantee a win against the rebel flagship. Got Telepad and Drone Control with Defense Drone, bought Scrap Recovery Arm, found Burst Laser 2, Fire Bomb, Halberd Beam, plan to combine with 1 Basic Laser.
Boarding with 2 Mantises, losing them, only a minor setback. Getting 2 Rocks and then boarding with them again.
Proceeding to get absurd drops. Fire Beam, Hull Missile, Burst Laser 3, Glaive Beam, Boarding Drone by Sector 5-6.
Having Shields at 4, plan to up weapons to 8 next, then engine which is still at 3.
Get a Rebel Rigger with 3 Anti Ship Drones, Heavy Laser 1 and a Missile Launcher with Doors 2 in a nebula.
I thought "Great, maybe I can check how many crew it has and get my Boarding Drone to get 4 kills."
Didn´t notice it had doors 2. Well enough, Defense Drone up against Missiles and it has no Medbay, so boarding will eventually kill it.
Then I get hit in the Helm. It´s burns and my dude is low health. Send him to medbay, vent the fire, repair as soon as he is full health again.
Hit in the shields. Better repair it. My Medbay is on fire. Better kill the flames. My shields only has 2 bubbles which are down. All this time I was paying attention to my boarders.
Holy crap 3 anti ship drones hurt. By the time I noticed how much they hurt I couldn´t react anymore, everything was on fire.
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Re: "The game hates me!" Bullshit Death Discussion thread.

Postby Megas Domestikos » Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:59 am

I had like 3 consecutive close-to-the-sun fights in one playthrough. Suffice it to say, ragequit ensued.
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Re: "The game hates me!" Bullshit Death Discussion thread.

Postby Milkshake » Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:13 pm

I was using the stealth cruiser B, I was well on my way and had 2 shields, the glaive beam and a ion weapon.

I ran into a enemy scout with a missile launcher, I believe Hermes (3 damage), a normal attack drone I and I believe a burst laser II. Up to this point everything was fine and there was no reason for alarm. he fires his first missile and I engage the cloak. Even though my evade at this point was 90 something %, I still got hit, in nothing other then my weapons room, took the glaive and ion offline (was nearly ready to fire at this point).

I rush my to engi's into the room and fix it just as his second volley comes in, a full hit in the cloak room, which completly wrecked it. Laser managed to hit my 2 shields and my shields room. At this point the drone starts having a go at me as well.

Just as my glaive is almost ready for the second time the weapons room gets hit by the same missile launcher that took it offline earlier, here we go again. No weapons, 1 shield which easily gets passed by the drone in combination with the laser.

Long story short: by the end I got hit in my weapons room 2 times, cloak ones, shield ones, and after that pretty much all over the ship, didn't even get a shot at him.
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Re: "The game hates me!" Bullshit Death Discussion thread.

Postby TheNewbie » Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:22 pm

I was playing FTL:Infinite space with a ton of other mods. I had TWO unique mod weapons (Zeus Beam,Anti-Bio Beam 2) from the OP Zoltan ships mod and TWO Glaive Beams. My augments :Zoltan shield,Weapon pre-igniter,Long range scanners. You can imagine what happened to every ship on my way :twisted: I had just obliterated a zoltan ship and I was ready for the next jump. I could only jump to 1 beacon: Ship detected. Asteroid field. I was sure that it would be a piece of cake. I was wrong. From the moment I jumped to the beacon, my shields depleted and 5 hull damage was already taken before I could even pause the game. I just saw something terrible. A huge meteor storm was ready to destroy my ship. I just couldn't breath :shock: I un-pause the game and see the ship of my dreams get totally DOMINATED :cry:
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Re: "The game hates me!" Bullshit Death Discussion thread.

Postby Cragspyder » Sat Apr 20, 2013 4:24 am

Every time I have died in Rock Homeworlds with a Crystal Crewman.

No, I don't have the Crystal Cruiser. Why do you ask?
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Re: "The game hates me!" Bullshit Death Discussion thread.

Postby IConquer » Sat Apr 20, 2013 4:28 am

several times in engi space i've jumped to a beacon while having 2-3 hull left. I get the "mantis fugitive" encounter.
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Re: "The game hates me!" Bullshit Death Discussion thread.

Postby Jaggedmallard » Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:10 pm

Those events that teleport 4 boarders on to your ship and then you go against a ship with a teleporter.
I've never managed to win against 4 or 6 boarders.
My browsers spellcheck doesn't think teleport is a real word.
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Re: "The game hates me!" Bullshit Death Discussion thread.

Postby Jerjare » Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:46 pm

The only time I actually got a crystal crewman, I was lucky enough to have the Rock homeworlds be the very next sector. For some utterly retarded reason I included the crystalman in my boarding party. The ship they boarded had level 2 doors, and in all the commotion, fire, death and destruction we were victorious...

But the teleporter bugged and wouldn't let me warp him back. Normally after you defeat the ship/crew your teleporter has no cooldown. I wasn't worried my rockman and crystalman were in different rooms, I figured I could just warp one after the other. The rockman came back, but they wouldn't warp back the Crystalman...AND HE SUFFOCATED :evil:

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