[Suggestion] Real-life piracy

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Re: [Suggestion] Real-life piracy

Postby CaptainQuirk » Wed Aug 08, 2012 2:42 am


The piracy debate is back this way...


Let's either get back to it or lock this thread up yeah, because it's become derailed somewhat.
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Re: [Suggestion] Real-life piracy

Postby Maze1125 » Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:15 am

Gorlom wrote::shock: Wait a minute! when did he...

Maze1125 wrote:
ThePsuedoMonkey wrote:Maybe I'm being too pessimistic, but I didn't come to that conclusion by myself. As this paper (full text) and another one point out, group discussions tend to fall prey to confirmation bias and attitude polarization; and those were of people meeting in person.

To be fair, the argument here seems to have climaxed (giggity), but I doubt anyone here planned on pirating FTL.

That's still stereotyping.
All those papers prove is that most people completely fail to argue rationally, which is true, but that doesn't mean there can't be one person who's capable of debating a subject and considering both sides fairly and on their own merits.

Further, the value of internet debates is rarely in convincing the person you're directly responding to, but in convincing third parties who are reading the debate. Those people often haven't formed a significant opinion on the subject yet and so are far more willing to consider both sides fairly as they don't have an entrenched position.

I'm sorry maze, but when did tend and most become always and everyone? I must have missed that part of the discussion. :?

It was his first post:

ThePsuedoMonkey wrote:Not one of you has the capability to convince someone that your view of such topics is correct, because everyone has an internal commitment to their stance based upon what they interpret as morally good and right. When you have that situation, anything external that challenges that stance is always viewed as hostile or unfair, which prevents any amount of critical thinking by either party since they are simply regurgitating what they feel is the single correct interpretation of reality.
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Re: [Suggestion] Real-life piracy

Postby Maze1125 » Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:19 am

Syphus wrote:
Maze1125 wrote:Let's assume two people, a pirate and a non-pirate, who have identical tastes, play the demos of 100 games.

How many games have demos these days?

Quite a few, but even assuming they don't, that just makes the two options more extreme.

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