What's the most overpowered run you've ever gotten?

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What's the most overpowered run you've ever gotten?

Postby Cactuschef » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:37 am

for me it was my most recent run on an Engi A

I had:

Ion Blast II
Burst Laser II

Drone Recovery Arm
Engi Medibot Dispersal
Weapon Pre-Igniter

2x antiship drones
beam drone


+ several zoltan crew

I found dozens of weapons and drones to sell off over the course of the game, and everything was upgraded to absurd levels. the final boss didn't stand a chance. 3 attack drones plus those weapons just carved them apart. in the second phase of the boss i think i may have even encountered a bug; when it did the "power surge" attack and sent a halfdozen or so drones at me, they didn't go away afterwards, and just kept attacking me for the rest of the fight, but i still utterly destroyed them with minimal damage.

I know the game is all about facing down the great challenge, but it is fun from time to time when you get absurdly lucky and can just carve up all opposition
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Re: What's the most overpowered run you've ever gotten?

Postby Groudon12321 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:07 pm

Mine luckiest run was with the crystal cruiser A.
I had:

Burst laser mark III
2x Heavy crystal

Anti ship drone I
Defense drone I

2 Crystal crew
2 Mantis crew
2 Engi crew
A Rockman crew
A Human crew

Weapon Pre-Igniter
Drone Recovery Arm
Long Ranged Scanners

I also unlocked the mantis cruiser on this run and found the crystal worlds again
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Re: What's the most overpowered run you've ever gotten?

Postby EdenNov » Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:13 pm

In my most recent run I got not 1, not 2, but 3 Burst Laser Mk. II's... the funny thing is that I didn't buy (or start with) ANY of them. It was all from teleporting and killing the crew.
It just goes to show the the RNG god giveth just as much as it taketh away.
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Re: What's the most overpowered run you've ever gotten?

Postby 0evil_overlord0 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:08 pm

I used the zoltan b and got 2 ion blast 2s to go with my starting pike beam. I also had a great mantis boarding team, cloaking, a defense drone, and almost everything fully upgraded.

That was my first time with the zoltan B.
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Re: What's the most overpowered run you've ever gotten?

Postby timdenee » Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:55 am

Mantis B with two scrap recovery arms, a fully skilled up four-mantis boarding team, two Mk II defense drones, a weapons pre-igniter, ion bombs, health bombs, and a burst laser Mk II. Finished off the flagship without sustaining any damage.
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Re: What's the most overpowered run you've ever gotten?

Postby ThePsuedoMonkey » Tue Nov 13, 2012 4:56 am

On normal: Mantis B (4 mantis, 3 engi, 1 rock), cloak, burst mk3, mk2 drones w/ recovery arm. I had almost a thousand extra scrap by sector 8, but I ended up being 40 scrap away from being fully decked-out.
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Re: What's the most overpowered run you've ever gotten?

Postby spacecadet13 » Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:01 am

Kestral run, finished up with 4 x Burst Laser MKII's (coulda had 6 if I had enough weapon slots - every store/event seemed to want to give me one)

Thing was though, it was one of the most boring FTL games I've played - just swatted down everything with no effort or thought/strategy required. A much better game, even though I just failed to beat the second boss battle, was with the Red-Tail, where the only other weapon I got was a Fire-Bomb. Taking on the boss with 3 x basic lasers, the firebomb, and a Mantis boarding team - now that was way more fun than 4 x Burst Laser MKII's any day of the week!
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Re: What's the most overpowered run you've ever gotten?

Postby thelovebat » Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:23 am

For me it was

Engi Ship type A

Full Crew at end, though I don't remember what all the crew members were (some humans, rockmen, and a zoltan with my engi I think)


Ion Blast Mark II
Ion Blast Mark II
Heavy Ion


Anti-Ship Drone Mark II
Beam Drone
Beam Drone


Pre-infernal Igniter
Drone Recovery Arm
Automated Reloader

Extra Systems:

Crew Teleporter, though I never used it much cus my ship was so dominant

Sub System levels:

2nd level Doors
2nd level Piloting
2nd level Sensors

Primary System levels:

4 levels of shielding (maxed out)
Max weapons
Max Drones
6 levels of engines
2nd level Medbay
1st level Oxygen


Maxed out, all power slots received

Cargo Hold:

Hull Repair Drone

Seriously, this ship build is nearly unstoppable against any ship. I didn't have any problems with the boss and I didn't even have cloaking.
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Re: What's the most overpowered run you've ever gotten?

Postby Number43 » Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:42 am

On the run where I was trying to unlock the living off the land achievement on normal I used Crystal B since the only system it doesn't start with (and you can't get cause you don't use stores) is drones. I got enough weapons for 8 power (breach missiles, ion bomb, small bomb, pegasus missile, later swapped the pegasus missile for a heavy crystal 2 I picked up in the crystal sector). By the end I had maxed out every system.

Then in sector 8 since I had already gottent he achievement I bought a drone system from the store, and it gave me a system repair drone, and an event had given me an anti ship drone which was still in my hold. After that I only had enough scrap to upgrade the drone system to 5 power so I wasn't quite entirely maxed out, though I could have probably pulled that off if I had tried to get into a couple extra sector 8 fights before facing the boss.

As for crew, I supplemented my 3 crystal guys with a mantis for boarding, and on stations I had a rockman, engi, and 2 humans I think. I got at least 2 extra humans and some more mantis that I had to dismiss.

First stage of the boss I took my time and took out the weapon systems (except the laser battery), then took out the enemy crew, which was no challenge at all. I think I hit the medbay with a breach missile at one point, though that was hardly necessary as I could simply use lockdown to trap the enemy crew and kill 4 at once in the shield room. Then in the drone fight he couldn't really touch me with max engines and shields (and cloaking). I took out the shields and drones with boarding then slaughtered him. Third stage went even faster as the ion bomb along with the other weapons took out the energy shield in one volley, and unlike stage 2 there was no defense drone.

I even got the "astonomically low odds" achievement thanks to the fact that the boss's beam drones can't miss.
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Re: What's the most overpowered run you've ever gotten?

Postby More Dakka » Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:56 am

Among recent games, probably the one shown by http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=108095050.

It wasn't /the/ most lucky run (no free weapons, no bribes w/ weapons or augments, very few slavers, no burst lasers to buy other than power-hungry level 3 -- heh, one run I got a *pre-igniter* as a don't-kill-me bribe!) but it wasn't unlucky at all, and as you can see from the image I got enough scrap to max out shields and engines, upgrade most of the other subsystems, and had a decent set of weapons if not BL2x3 powerful. Had the Crystal Vengeance, Shield Recharger and the Engi Medibots for augmentations. Getting a teleporter early on + lockdown = remarkably good for crew murdering, if perhaps not as satisfying as Rock B (once you get a teleporter, and if you can get a good supply of missiles of course; rockmen + firebomb = crew BBQ). There were Mantis ships whose crews never reached the teleporter -- port 'in a room on the way, lock down when the first victim enters, murder him in two-on-one while firing at rooms containing other people trying to get in so they're wounded when the lockdown wears off (slug pilot...).

Didn't get the drone system until Sector 7 (availability issues, had the scrap) making that cloak rather useful vs missiles. Grrr.

Only ugly part of the flagship was that I didn't have a breach *bomb* launcher, but a breach *missile* launcher, meaning that most of my missiles ended up being shot down. Didn't see any bomb launchers for sale, IIRC.

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