Suggestion: Tie showing beacon paths into sensor upgrades.

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Re: Suggestion: Tie showing beacon paths into sensor upgrade

Postby alextfish » Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:20 am

Sammi79 wrote:I also think sensors are a bit weak, being able to see enemy crew is good and creates some minor tactical opportunities regarding killing said crews. Seeing power usage seems pretty inconsequential to me, I can't really see the point in upgrading sensors past lvl 2. So yeah your idea to tie it to sensors is a good one I think.

I used to think the same. Then I playtested a custom ship for my mod which starts with sensors level 3, and wow, it does make a lot of difference:

* You can see precisely when their ioned systems, teleporter or cloaking field is about to come back online (makes a lot of difference if you're ion bombing their medbay)
* You can see whether their missile launcher or heavy laser is using more power than you expect (indicating it's a scarier weapon than it might look like)
* You can see whether they have a spare bar on their shield system, i.e. whether it's worth dealing 1 damage to it or not
* You can see how close a fire or your boarding party is to damaging/destroying a system

I really do wish it worked on the boss, though.

As for the actual proposal, it makes some degree of sense. Don't mind.
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Re: Suggestion: Tie showing beacon paths into sensor upgrade

Postby splette » Tue Nov 06, 2012 2:08 am

Great suggestion

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