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Suggestion: SPOILERS Store at base / choice at repair

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:12 am
by esdin
Built a beautiful missile boat today, and made it to the last stand only to find two of the repair bases far in the back field. En route to the flagship, I had to use most of my stores to fight back rebels.

With a paltry 10 missiles, I managed to kill the first stage of the flagship, but afterwards was left toothless. The Defense Drone II I was fielding kept me safe from other ships, but with no way to replenish my missile stores, I was unable to kill anything, and so jumped around til the Federation fell.

As I had a Drone Recovery Arm, I was well supplied with Drone Parts, and wish that I could have traded some in for missiles, or at least opted for missiles instead of drones at the repair stations.

As an alternative, maybe there could be a manufacturing module that would give the player a way to turn scrap into ammunition, and break down parts and modules into scrap at a loss.