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Re: FU Flagship

Postby battleguy01 » Sat Jun 16, 2012 7:24 am

Oh wow, that last was awesome. I just beat him on Normal, it really helps to get some great weapons early on to win. I won with my cloak and doors at level 3, and my medbay, oxygen, piloting, and sensors at level 2, I had 3 shields, about 35-40% evade, and my weapons were 2 Burst lasers II, and a Hull laser I. It also REALLY helped to have a gold weapon guy, and shield guy.

I did most of the first phase without taking damage. At one point during the second phase he dropped my shields and the beam drones tore me up, but I still made it because I was fairly close to a repair station, and then during the final attack he REALLY started destroying me, but I won with half my ship on fire and <25% hull.

The moral of this story, Burst Lasers are AWESOME.

Edit: Oh yeah my Augments were the one that Pre-charges your weapons, charges them 15% faster, and Hull reinforcement.

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