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Postby Zuldan08 » Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:10 pm

this game is pretty cool, but equally so frustrating. while we all like a good challenge sometimes we wanna see what a game has to offer. hard to see what the game has to offer if you cant get past the 1st boss.

while i like this game, its is probably the hardest. believe there should have been a warning given that this game well frustrate you.

easy is hard and normal is impossible. think for us cheaters and slow learner there should have been a cheat tool added into the game.

but nice design. hope too see dlc for the game. (besides the soundtrack)
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Re: Aargh!!

Postby Madhax » Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:27 am

The first boss is the only boss. That's the end of the game. ~1 hour to beat it.

The brilliance of this game comes from how much you replay it. Each ship and layout is a unique experience, and the game has enough randomization of maps and encounters to keep the experience fresh.
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Re: Aargh!!

Postby icepick » Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:37 pm

Zuldan08 wrote:think for us cheaters and slow learner there should have been a cheat tool added into the game.

Check the mod forum, there's several tools. :)
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Re: Aargh!!

Postby SushaBrancaleone » Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:54 am

mheh... this post makes me want to brag about casual players...

such a pitty i posted against hardcore players on these very forums...

this game is built like a 90s NES or SNES game.
It has extra content available to those who are willing to "farm" the game enough to see that little extra content.
Its a way of conceiving games, one that has not been seen much around after that day they told us all our computers would lose all their memory cos all calendars were composed of 2 digits.
If you think the 90's are so passe' why are you playing a game which is basically a 90's melancholy trip?
Moreover, why are you asking the game to change according to your needs? why dont you just go look for a game that caters more for whatever it is you want (less struggle, more story and more content.)?

Furthermore, we are all free to decide our level of involvement, particularly in regards to the games we choose to play, why is it that those who decide less involvement expect more from the game than those who are more involved by it? This same reasoning is what changed WoW into the monster it is today.
I am not saying that products/games should be made solely to cater for its specific target audience, what i find more interesting is that when games are made to cater for "everybody" it will lose that distinguishing element that made it unique and captivating for the target audience AND the general audience.
Let me put it this way; the first Tim Burton movies were directed at a "Dark" audience and they were good movies. Now all TIm Burton Movies are a perpetual cliche of what the general public wants and accepts of "dark" culture.

Concluding, when people like you get their way (often) things tend to become easier and more boring.. and I just wish these kind of posts didn't exist.
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Re: Aargh!!

Postby bulba » Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:13 am

If you want an easy ride just play with kestrel B (easy to unlock)... why would you ever want to cheat in this sort of game? the game is more or less the same at the end as it's at the beginning

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