How to make doors a worth-while subsystem to attack

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How to make doors a worth-while subsystem to attack

Postby oliviagreene » Wed Sep 18, 2019 9:36 am

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Re: How to make doors a worth-while subsystem to attack

Postby Fins » Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:11 am

The proposed mechanic is in player's overall favor whenever in a situation of being boarded with Doors system destroyed, as it limits mobility of the boarders and human player's mind will always find ways to use that. Not good.

It also somewhat copies the mechanic of the door system being hacked by the enemy, in its "takes time to get through own ship's doors" part. Not good.

I'd rather propose more logical and still unique solution for the doors system being broken and/or disabled (ion damage): namely, the moment doors system goes offline - all doors on the ship open, except airlocks' external doors. The logic being, doors system controls which doors are "locked" - it engages and disengages locks; with the system inoperational, locks stop working, and as a passive safety measure, doors are designed to automatically disengage locks so that the ship's crew would still always have access to all areas of the ship.

The difference to how it works presently - is that any breaches present in the ship will then affect whole ship, any fires burning in the ship will have easiest time spreading around, any areas intentionally left airless - will have air pressure gradually equalized with other rooms (which affect how enemy AI boarders move and what systems they target for taking out). All those effects are against the owner of the ship which suffers doors system terminal damage.

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