The reason I like this game

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The reason I like this game

Postby luanvan24 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 4:45 am

Just wanted to share an epic game loss:

What happened was I was playing with the stealth ship and I figured I should start using the teleporter to kill the enemy crew and get better rewards.

So a few battles after trying that I came across this ship which had some weak crew on it. So I thought what the hell. Unfortunately I was able to hurt their weapons before going but that didn't stop me. One by one I knock out there crew after disabling their medbay. But they've set my ship ablaze and disable many key systems.

My oxygen was disabled so I couldn't teleport my guy back without killing them. At this point I still had 3 guys on my ship so I thought I was good. But then fire spread to my teleporter and my guys were cut off. Turns out I didn't repair the oxygen quickly enough and the crew on my ship all suffocated. Now my ship is burning and my crew stranded.

After I unpaused, the fire did lose oxygen but the damage was done.

What I learned:
- Be more careful with your boarding parties.
- Door controls and Oxygen are very important.

What I'd like to suggest to make this situation more interesting:
- Allow me to either use my newly acquired ship instead, as in carry on the game with it.
- Or at least let me use the facilities on my new ship, like the medbay to heal my crew. If there was a teleporter there, that also would have helped. It would be really neat if a commandeered ship could be used like this.
- In rare cases like this, allow me to send a distress call as my turn like when you run out of fuel. This can also be necessary if your ship is oxygen broke or fire ridden and your crew trapped away from the medbay, and stuff without enough health to repair it properly.
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Re: The reason I like this game

Postby bamalf » Tue Jun 18, 2019 5:58 am

Dude, your game is super outdated. The current version is 1.6.9.
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