[Suggestion] Store augmentations in cargo slots

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[Suggestion] Store augmentations in cargo slots

Postby dnecro » Tue Mar 05, 2019 8:44 am

Right now when we found or given new augmentation if we have full slot either we must leave one behind or instantly break down it to scraps on the other hand if we leave one slot open we play 2 augmentations all the way which is not ideal. I think we should be able to store them in cargo hold BUT can't switch them anywhere outside of shops to prevent exploit it. That way it won't break any balance it only give us more options to use our cargo bay which is not very useful especially in hard mode since we don't get so much free "stuff" to store in it. If it needs a graphics to represent it in ui it could be simple cargo box or gear would work and I think it souldn't put too much work to devs since no new interface has to design and add to game.

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