mind control teleport neutral crew

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mind control teleport neutral crew

Postby kiinkiin » Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:16 am

I was playing slug B (just to unlock slug C and possibly get rock, which I did) and I ran into an interesting situation. I had a teleporter, and mind control. I had one member mind controlled. They surrendered, and I accepted (needed fuel). I danced my slugs around the neutral crew members, and teleported them back. Then I wondered, what would happen if I had teleported the mind controlled member? Would I have a neutral rock sitting there until I decide to suffocate him? would he become hostile in the next encounter? (likely). Would he join my crew? (very unlikely). It was too late for me to test this, as my teleporter had a longer cool down than the mind control. Could anyone confirm what happens?
They're sentient, you know. We just have a lot of them.
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