FTL VR (I dunno I just want stuff to be VR)

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FTL VR (I dunno I just want stuff to be VR)

Postby chrittle » Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:34 pm

I think FTL in VR would be cool if executed correctly tho I also think this idea might just get blown out the window. so here's my general idea just a co-op online VR game with the layout the features the races and everything cool about FTL in the game (again im crazy I just think VR isnt that hard to do but it is) but maybe add some twists here and there like when someone dies instead of them being dead forever maybe they could be revived at the start of the next sector or having melee combat used with the motion controllers (or it could be an option in the settings) and free movment. maybe even gunners having full control over weapons and movement actually being a thing for the pilot etc etc. but those are just ideas that are going to get scraped in a matter of seconds but tell me what you think of the idea (if you want)

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